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Sunday, September 8, 2013
For those of you that are just viewing this for the first time, let me explain what this blog post is about. Every Monday in hopes of putting a smile on someone's face I go scour the books online for titles that make me laugh or make me think of something funny. Then I pick a few and post just the titles and what I thought when I read it. Now this does not mean that the book is bad or that I am not recommending the books it just means I found the title funny. I have actually read some of the titles that I have put on these blogs and some of them are really great books.

I started this when I ran across a couple of really funny titles and shared them and my opinion with a friend. She thought it was hilarious and recommended that I make a blog post with it and so WTF was born.

Now to the authors that might see their title on here. Please do not get angry it is all in fun and I have actually heard that their books got more traffic since I started posting these. It is all in fun and some of the titles are not bad, just my thoughts after reading them make it funny. It is just for a smile. Please smile with us if your title is here today.

Today's theme should be pretty obvious.

1)Twenty Tones of Red ( Ten tones of blue, thirty tones of black, yeah and 50 shades of grey.) 

2)Orange Bang ( This one had me asking how long it took to get her to turn orange from being banged. That has to be painful!) 

3)Screaming Yellow ( Screams come in colors??? Maybe I should scream some purple because that is my favorite color after all. I think I would like to fill the room with ecstatic screams of purple. What color would you choose to scream?) 

4)Glowing Green with Flowing Cream ( Okay this one kind of made me sick because I actually saw green moldy cum in my mind when I read this title. How old would cum have to be to be green anyway?)

5)Raine's Blues (Off Like a Prom Dress)~ ( OMG I laughed so hard when I read this one. This person must have had a rather lusty prom lol, my proms were boring.) 

6)69 Shades of Purple (This one and the first one I swear go together and well red does come after purple in the rainbow so I guess it works. But come on can we just move away from the titles similar to the shades of grey novels please... I am begging you) 

7)Xxxxx Xxxxx's Poorly Written, Nerdy, Tacky, Immature Rainbow of Raunchiness ( The authors name was in the title which is why it is all X's. I fell into a fit of giggles when I read this one. I kept thinking okay well at least he is honest about how awful he thinks it is) 

Those are all the titles I hope you can see the theme for today's WTF! edition!

I encourage you to comment or email me some suggestions for the next WTF! edition! Even if you do not have a suggestion, leave a comment or email and let me know if you liked this one or not. Thank you to all the authors that belong to these titles and to all the readers and followers that share this blog, your participation means a lot to me!

Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

I double dog dare you to find 10 titles who have abused 50 Shades.. or... wait....... How about feet (and not sports books) NO NO NO TOES.. I VOTE FOR TOES and tag Dionne in it!

Unknown said...

Sounds like I have a challenge for next week. Wonder what Dionne would say lol

Dionne said...

Ew not toes!! I will never read a book with toes or feet. NEVER! Actually, do it so I know what to avoid :).

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jill Haldeman said...


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, once again hilarious. :-)
Great finds and that poorly written bla, bla one? I might look that one up and read the sample. just for laughs.
Can you get me some titles with 'Kiss'?

Dean Bonner said...

I don't know how much banging it takes to make you orange, but it appears to happen a lot to those girls on the Jersey Shore and Long Island Princess reality shows So I know that it really happens.

Unknown said...

I'd love to see a WTF in the tentacle erotica genre LOL

Unknown said...

I am so happy that I have comments that I almost forgot to come in and say thank you for your responses. Thank you so much for giving me ideas on themes for my WTF! editions! I look forward to looking them up and adding them on future WTF! editions! Come back to see if your theme was chosen!

Unknown said...

Glad to see my book wasn't on the list. Phew :-)