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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

This anthology contains the first three novelettes/novellas of the series. Each of these books focuses on vampire Bastian Evanko, starting over two hundred years ago in England with Nothing Lasts Forever and the tragic series of events that triggers his desire for retribution and earns him the punishment of two hundred years in exile.

Fast forward to present day Lansford, PA: The Sin City of the East. The remaining stories take place in and around Lansford. Nocturnal Surrender is the reunion of Bastian and his brother Donovan, as well as his meeting—and biting—stripper Darling Nikki. Tension mounts as Bastian looks to exact his revenge, but he gets a little sidetracked by the possibility of falling in love again.

Just when Bastian feels secure in his budding relationship with Nicole French, AKA Darling Nikki, she stumbles upon the secret of his vampiric identity in Midnight Confessions. To make matters worse, Donovan needs Bastian's help in the war with the vampire Hunters. Only problem is, Nicole gets dragged into the mix. Many secrets are exposed after midnight.

In the bonus short story, Auburn Lust, twin courtesan vampires Rochelle and Laureline Montague entertain two of their favorite vampire clients for the evening: Christof Rosenbaum and Donovan Evanko. Emotions and lust run wild in this erotic story.

And in another bonus, Interview with Bastian, the vampire lets it all hang out since this is the uncensored, extended version of his interview. At times he shares a little too much information, but then he does prefer to live by his own rules.

My review:
I have never read a story in this style. I liked that it was more than one part in more than one style. In one of the parts the author almost seems to become part of the story. I loved this aspect of it. It gave me a different perspective and allowed me to get to know the character a little better. I would read another by this author and will be recommending it to others. There were portions of this that was sad and other portions that were exciting and a plethora of other emotions through out the novella's. I am very happy that the author chose to put all of the different styles together for one book, it was very refreshing. Get your copy today!

About the author:

Lorraine Pearl writes erotic paranormal romance. Her main interest is in writing vampire stories, but she has recently branched out into other paranormal creatures, including angels and demons.
She loves to read paranormal romance novels, and anything with vampires in it. Vampire movies and TV shows are also favorites. She knows most people are tired of vamps already, but she's enjoyed them since before they became popular and will surely continue to enjoy them for a long time to come. She only hopes others feel the same since she prefers to write vampire stories.

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