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I am happy to help other authors with reviews and beta reads. If you would like me to beta read or read and review please email me at In the subject line put read and review or beta read and I will happily get to as soon as I can. 

I read very quickly, but I try to be very thorough. The only thing I ask is that you prepare yourself for an honest review. I am not going to give someone a five that needs more work on the piece, but I am fair and will change a review should you fix what ever issue caused you to get the lower rating. 

If there is somewhere specific you would like the review posted please make sure to send a link. 

As far as genre's go, I will try to read just about anything. If I cannot get through the book I will let you know, but generally I finish everything I review or beta read. 

Thank you!
Leanne Herrera