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Thursday, December 6, 2012
Today's blog is going to be about some catch up and some things that have been on my mind. You see, I set up this schedule for book reviews etc... and forgot it was a holiday week. Then after the holiday was over my computer decided that it just did not want to work. So now I have a new computer and I have a ton of books that I have read and would like to put up reviews for.

Since it is almost the end of the week, I have decided to talk about some of the issues I have been having with some of the series books that I have been reading and start fresh with the schedule next week.

I read several series books: Stephanie Plum series, Black Dagger Brotherhood series, the House of Night series, etc.... I have come to a conclusion, some series are just meant to come to an end, and there are some that could go on and on forever and I would be completely happy. For example the Stephanie Plum series could go on forever and as long as she is still chasing strange bond skips and being in the middle between two seriously sexy guys ( I am a ranger fan myself), continues to get cars blown up and fumbles majorly every book, I am goober happy with it. It is when a series runs away from the original concept of the book that I fumble reading it and often find I do not like the new story. A great example of this is the House of Night Series. The first few book, I fell in love with the characters and the story and where it was going. It is often said that is about a vampire finishing school, which it is, but more importantly it is about the kids in the story. (at least for me) These last few books have been more about the grown ups and less about Zoe and her circle. To me it either should have ended a few books ago or it should have stayed with the original concept. It should have stayed about the kids and less about the teachers and their stories. This veering off original characters, ruined the books for me. I have the latest in my I-touch, where it has been since it was released and I have only been able to get about halfway through with it. I can't get through it because it is way off track for me.

There are other books that have been successful going past a trilogy that have succeeded and could go even further. Some stories are just meant to have stopping points. When I wrote Mirror Bound I would have loved to write a couple of more books in the story, but I thought about it and realized that there was no way to really do that without taking the original story and going a different direction which I really did not want to do. I have other stories that could have more than one book in a series but I think that I would have to limit even those because it is not something that would be able to go very far without getting off track. The book I am currently doing a deep edit on is a book that could have several books after it because I have set it up so that it can have a never ending cast and setting based off the same concept.

I guess I was just irritated because I love the House of Night series. It sitting there in my I-touch just bums me out, I loath finishing it.

Has anyone ever had experiences with this? Where you fall in love with a series in the beginning and find that it changes so much in the latter books that you want to throw it instead of reading it?

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Unknown said...

I like series books, but I think that each should come to a definite close. Sort of like Star Trek does at the end of each episode.

Unknown said...

I completely agree Chris at some point a series should end. To me it doesn't matter if it a set amount of books or a the timeline that the character is following etc... but it should at some point end.