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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The grandbaby is sick. She was up most of the night with a yucky cold. Poor baby. It just means we have to watch her a lot closer and give her more treatments. I posted pictures of her before and I will be using this blog to do that as well.
So let me tell you a little about her.

She is the child of my oldest daughter who was almost 17 when she found out she was pregnant. I was saddened that she had a child so young but loved her and have supported her with my whole heart. When she was 20 weeks pregnant she was urged by several doctors to get an abortion because the baby had a stroke in utero. They tried to solve the issue of the bleeding when my daughter refused to abort the baby.

The treatment they gave her made matters worse and by the time she was 25 weeks pregnant the baby had several more strokes. They did not want to take the baby early ( which in hindsight probably would have made her life better). They pushed her until her skin could stretch no more and delivered a very sick baby at 37 weeks.

She was still bleeding and the strokes had obliterated probably 85 % of her brain. We were told to prepare her funeral. At a few months old she had brain surgery to put in a shunt due to her hydrocephalus. A month or so later, she had to have it redone because it malfunctioned.

She has had months of therapy and a few more strokes, and it took forever to get appropriate diagnosis' of her illnesses. She has several disorders: MTHFR ( a genetic mutation), Lipo protein alpha deficiency (difficult to explain), epilepsy, failure to thrive, severe cerebral palsy in all muscles in her body, and she is blind.

We have had lots of ups and downs in her short two years of life and she has spent more time in the hospital than she has out of it. We know that our time with her is limited not only because of her illnesses but because of the errors the doctors have made in her care as well.

We struggle financially, that is to be expected. We also struggle emotionally as well. This little girl is the light of our life. Her smile can brighten even our worst days. I can remember her being on life support a few short months ago, we spoke and knew she was going to be okay by the huge smile she gave us. She cannot speak or walk or eat like your average 2 year old child, but she is our Sabrina.

I love sharing her with everyone because she is such a joy to be around. This is why I share her with you. My daughter is almost 20 now and her life revolves around Sabrina, because she has to have 24 hour care. We help her take care of her, all of us do. If you would like to know more about her, you can visit her Facebook page@ Sabrina's page and if you would like to donate to her you can donate to her via Paypal by clicking the donate button below.