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Monday, December 10, 2012
Today I decided to write my author spotlight on Christine Warren. I have read six of her books, ( all completely out of order I might add). I love all of them. Each one sets me in a different direction with different supernatural beings and goals. After all the years of reading books in the paranormal genre you would think that I would find nothing new in them.  Christine Warren however never ceases to keep me guessing. 

I just finished Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here and it was nothing like I expected it to be. It is a great book and the series is amazing. I think so far my favorite character is Ava, although she is not an active character in this particular book, I still love to hate her anyway. I am going to include her book site and as many links that I can. I want to encourage everyone to check her and her books out. She has an amazing imagination!
Here is a list of some of the things she has written:

The Others


  1. One Bite With A Stranger (2008) (ISBN 0312947933)
  2. Big Bad Wolf (2009) (ISBN 031294795X)
  3. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here (2010)
  4. Black Magic Woman (2011)
  5. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale (2011)
  6. On the Prowl (to be released April 24, 2012)[2]
  7. Drive Me Wild (to be released November 2012)
  8. Hungry Like A Wolf (to be released April 2013)[3]
  9. Wolf At The Door (2006) (ISBN 0312939620)
  10. She's No Faerie Princess (2006) (ISBN 0312347766)
  11. The Demon You Know (2007) (ISBN 0312347774)
  12. Howl at the Moon (2007) (ISBN 0312947909)
  13. Walk on the Wild Side (2008) (ISBN 0312947917)
  14. You're So Vein (2009) (ISBN 0312947925)
  15. Born To Be Wild (2010) (ISBN 0312357192)

Short Stories

  • Fantasy Fix (2003) (expanded and retitled One Bite With A Stanger)
  • Fur Factor (2003) (expanded and retitled Big Bad Wolf)
  • Faer Fetched (2003) (expanded and retitled Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here)
  • Fighting Faer (2003) (expanded and retitled Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale)
  • Fur For All (2003) (expanded and retitled Drive Me Wild)
  • Fur Play (2004) (expanded and retitled Hungry Like A Wolf)[3]

Online Short Stories


Here is her fan fiction site:
 You can find her here on Goodreads:
This is her official site:
And finally her author page on her publishers website:

Please read some of her wonderful stories.
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