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Monday, November 26, 2012

I have long been a fan of Maggie Shayne and was excited when one of her books came across my desk for review. I literally jumped up and down with excitement.

I got comfortable, with a large cup of hot peppermint tea and began to read. Maggie once again has not disappointed me. I loved this book immensely.

The heroine, Indira came off as beautiful, intelligent and intuitive. She is a lapsed Wiccan with no coven per say, but has maintained friendships with a high priestess of a local coven.  From the very beginning of the book, she is in the midst of a past life nightmare. This nightmare is one that repeats several times and leads Indira to her destiny.

The hero, Tomas is a priest that wants desperately to stop a demon and believes that Indira is the one that can help him do it. He is led by our bad guy Father Dom. The love that develops between Tomas and Indira has literally been with their souls for ages.

I loved trying to solve the mystery and as usual I was way off by the time I got to the end of the book. It is a beautiful paranormal romance, and one that I will probably read again and again. That is a rarity for me as I seldom have the patience to read a book more than once.

I give Mark of the Witch by Maggie Shayne 5 out of 5 apples.



She was born to save what he is sworn to destroy

A lapsed Wiccan, Indira Simon doesn't believe in magic anymore. But when strange dreams of being sacrificed to an ancient Babylonian god have her waking up with real rope burns on her wrists, she's forced to acknowledge that she may have been too hasty in her rejection of the unknown. Then she meets mysterious and handsome Father Thomas. Emerging from the secrecy of an obscure Gnostic sect, he arrives with stories of a demon, a trio of warrior witches—and Indira's sacred calling.


Yet there's something even Tomas doesn't know, an inescapable truth that will force him to choose between saving the life of the woman he's come to love—and saving the world.


About the author:

New York Times Bestselling author Maggie Shayne has published 53 novels, all for major NY Publishers, in her 20 year career. So far. This year she'll be releasing a brand new trilogy dubbed "The Portal Series" and its books will include MARK OF THE WITCH (October 2012,) DAUGHTER OF THE SPELL CASTER (December 2012,) and BLOOD OF THE SORCERESS (February 2013) all from MIRA Books.

Maggie has published westerns, category romances, romantic suspense, paranormal romances, urban fantasy, women's fiction, and just about everything in between, and is currently working on her first thriller. She's a winner of the RITA Award, the romance fiction industry's most prestigious prize, and has won countless others.

Maggie's "Twilight" series of vampire novels, officially known as Wings in the Night, began in 1993 with a TWILIGHT PHANTASIES from Silhouette Shadows. The series only just concluded with TWILIGHT FULFILLED in October 2011. (Printable list and reading order at the author's website and on her Facebook page.)

Besides being an author, Maggie is a Wiccan High Priestess, Reiki healer, Tarot Card Reader, unofficial Life Coach, Law of Attraction expert, advice columnist, and a licensed minister. Her long running newspaper advice column has just now been compiled into book form; SHAYNE ON YOU, the author's first non-fiction book.

Recently, Maggie has begun re-releasing her out of print novels in ebook format. So far these include FAIRYTALE, FOREVER ENCHANTED, and ANNIE'S HERO, fantasy-romances she wrote for Avon Books (Harper Collins) in the early 1990's, a novella WITCH MOON RISING, originally published by Spilled Candy Books, and three of her Silhouette Books classics, MIRANDA'S VIKING, FORGOTTEN VOWS, and DR DUFFY'S CLOSE ENCOUNTER (originally titled Out of This World Marriage.)

There will be much more to come.

Maggie lives with her soulmate Lance in a tiny town called Taylor (phone exchange: Truxton, mailing address: Cincinnatus, tax map: Cuyler. Smalltown folks understand!) in New York State's little known but sprawling and gorgeous dairy farm & wine country near the Fingerlakes region. Together they have a pair of Old English Mastiffs (Dozer & Daisy,) a chubby little bulldog (Niblet), an arrogant cat (Glorificus,) a saltwater reef aquarium with two clown fish (Larry & Cill) and two damsels (Vinnie & Blue,) a bearded dragon (Captain Yellow Beard) and a life of utter contentment and joy.
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