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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Katya and Cyrus Time Pilgrims by Dennis Higgins

The story is based on the main character Katya at first and after an oops in a time jump took her and her time partner to the twin towers a few seconds before they were hit, she gets transferred and meets Cyrus. A whole band of other memorable characters join them as they travel here and there in time and in space.

Despite the fact that this jumps back and forth through time, I had absolutely no issue following it. Which for me is unusual, normally I have issues with stories that flit back and forth. Katya’s inability to tell where or rather when she is from was a very interesting twist. Often her speech told she was from one era and then at another time it would seem as if she was from a completely different era. I won’t spoil anymore of the book for anyone, so I will move on.

I thought the book was absolutely charming. It had just the right amount of suspense to pull the reader along without putting too much out there and giving it all away. Although the characters were in their twenties, I will agree with the author that this would be a good book for teens as well as adults. The historical facts in the book, right down to their speech and attire were dead on and that is something I really appreciate. Not many authors can write in and out of eras the way that I read it in this book.

The writing was wonderful and I had a feel good feeling throughout the entire story. The author says that this is the first of a series and I know that I would love to read what happens in the next book. In fact I will be asking for a copy and hope that I will be allowed to read it.

Now to the negatives, because I promised that this would be an honest review and I stand by that whole heartily. One is a formatting issue, and I am not sure if it will turn up in the printed or e book version but my version was a PDF file and came as a huge wall of text. I could see the indentions of the paragraphs but often they would blur together. The second and only other problem I had with the book is that I hated the name. It tells exactly who the story is about and what they do before you even get inside of the book, but that was not my issue. My issue is that the title didn’t catch me, I did not feel pulled into it.  If I had read a blurb about it that may have changed my mind, but being that I didn’t the title was my only pull.

So now down to the excruciating apples…

I am giving this book 4 out of 5 apples because I hated the title. I love the story though and highly recommend it to others.