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Friday, October 12, 2012
There is not a lot of meat to this story but I had a good laugh writing it. I hope you enjoy it.
Trick or Treat
Three young girls slowly approach the house at the end of the street. Its old paint peeling exterior wasn’t the only thing that made the old house with the wide front porch on Broom Street just a little creepy. The old woman that lived there made it not just creepy but strange. She was rarely seen, and Julie’s brother said his friends’ cousin came here last year and was never seen again. It was the same story every year; all the kids would dare each other to go trick or treating at that house. 
Julie, Allison and Izzy had dared each other to go to the house this year. They were a little old to believe in the dare, being nearly out of High School. It was there senior year, and none of them could imagine going off to college next year without doing at least one crazy thing. Besides completing the dare, Julie really wanted to show her brother that it was only a rumor anyway.
The three girls took their time to inch there way up in there sexy little costumes to the front porch. Allison was dressed as a sexy female vamp, her skin tight gown gently moving in the breeze as she took one hesitant footstep at a time up the porch steps. Julie was walking right alongside her in a short fairy costume, compete with wand and Izzy dragged along behind them in here sleek cat costume.
They approached the front door and looked at each other. Julie gulped loudly and nudged Allison forward to ring the bell. Izzy began shifting back and forth on her feet, a sure sign of nervousness. Julie began to breathe a little faster to match her speeding heartbeat. Allison pushed the doorbell and they all gasped as the loud Bing Bong sound echoed through the house.
Listening carefully, Julie looked over at Izzy and shrugged, they all thought that maybe no one was home. They were all hoping no one was home. The three of them had just about worried themselves sick. Poor Allison was wiping her hand vigorously on her black dress, as if she was trying to remove some witch germ from her finger that had touched the bell.
Suddenly the door flew open and in the doorway stood an old woman in a witch costume. She crossed her arms and eyed the girls carefully. “Ah, I see yet another dare and no one came as a witch, for shame.” She said as she stepped forward towards the girls, who were now taking a step back and holding hands.
The woman raised her hand and threw some sort of dust at them. The girls were in such a state of panic at seeing the witch that they passed out on the porch. Julie’s only thought was “why is she throwing dirt at us”.
The girls awoke, on a dark red velvet couch. Julie looked up first and deep into the beautiful blue eyes of a boy not much older than her. He was standing over her, with a smirk on his face. He nudged the guy next to him that was all dressed in black. The second guy kicked at Allison’s high heel, in an attempt to wake her up. Izzy stretched and sniffed the air before her gaze landed on a third man standing in front of them.
The old woman came into view and started to speak. “Every year I have some kid come to my door on a dare and most years I turn them away. It is only when the children that come are not children at all that I make them into what they dream of being.”  She frowned down at us.
The boys reached their hands down to the girls. The large vampire boy all in black, snickered at them, “welcome to your new life”, as the three girls were escorted out of the home and into a black car with tinted windows.
As the car drove away to take the girls home, the old witch laughed at the sign on the trunk that read, “Once Upon A Time, actors group”. She cackled louder as she went inside and slammed her front door singing “sometimes it is nice to trick the kids, and then I get to keep the candy”.
The end!