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Monday, October 15, 2012
I have heard the reference avid reader over the past several weeks. I want to clarify why I call myself an avid reader before I discuss blurbs. I have over 3000 books on, nearly a thousand on my kindle and every year I give away or sell roughly 500 paper/hardback books. I read roughly 2-3 books per day. I can open every one of those books and read the first page and remember what I have read. I read a lot and I read fast.
As an avid reader, I choose my books for a plethora of reasons. Sometimes it is the cover that makes me look a little closer at it, at other times it is the reviews, or the blurb. At times I have read it because it is asked of me, or one of my friends liked it and said I should read it as well. I have never chosen a book based on one aspect, it usually takes at least two or more of the things mentioned before, for me to choose that book to read.
Recently when choosing a book, I will see something I like and read the blurb and based on this synopsis I will choose it to read. Once I get into the book, I will unfortunately discover that the best thing about the book will be the blurb.
When writing a blurb you should really be careful not to give away everything in the story, or not enough about it. You entice your readers with a little of the story but not so much so that you give the major juice of the story away.
For example:
Sally grew up on a farm in middle Tennessee with her brothers and sisters. Her parents have been gone a few years and as the oldest, it has been her responsibility to raise her younger siblings. She soon finds it to hard to do on her own and puts out the word that she needs someone to be her farm manager. Several people apply for the position, but when she meets John Doe sparks fly. He is the best qualified so she hires him. She has a hard time resisting his good looks and charms. A barn fire set by a jealous neighbor throws her into the arms of John.
This would be an example of to much information.
It should have been something like this:
Sally has her hands full as raises her siblings and takes care of her farm. She finds herself in need of a farm manager. She hires one and has a hard time resisting his good looks and charms. When mishaps start happening on the farm, she needs to find out who the culprit is. Could it be the man she just hired that has tempted her heart?
Now I know I have grammar issues, and I know I need to work harder dealing with them. I do spell and grammar check them before I post these, but I am human and forget a comma here and there. Please forgive me.
The only reason I am approaching this subject is because the last three books I have read have had really exciting blurbs. Then after reading it, I find that all the excitement is in the blurb. There is no other reason for me to read it, as the synopsis has told me everything.
After noticing this, I will be sure to look at my own blurbs a little more carefully. I would hate to have someone disappointed the way that I have been.