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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
I have had my share of bullies through my lifetime. I have had them pick on me for a plethora of reasons. Some of those reasons I had no control over and other reasons that I did, but no longer cared . As a teenager and as I became an adult, I believed that it was usually children that did this to others and that I could escape it as an adult. I was wrong.

As an adult with nearly grown and adult children, I can honestly say that I have seen just as much hatred from the adults as I have in children. It took a lot of time for me to grow thicker skin, and even then no one is able to always withstand a bully.  I have done well with ignoring them when it comes to what they say and do to me over time, but I have difficulty when I watch them abuse my children.

I wish today to send a message to those that have bullied, watched someone get bullied, or think that they have never bullied someone.

Those of you, who have commented out loud about: someone's weight, clothing, hair color, sexual orientation, race, or the way that you perceive them to be in a negative light.

If you have: treated them different because they are/have something about them visually or perceptually that differs from you, your friends, your family, what you think is appropriate etc...

Even if  it is only one time.

You have picked on someone.

This is bullying, just as much as a group of kids heckling someone who doesn't "fit in" at school.

Think about how that can have hurt or harmed that person, think about the damage you could have done to them. Especially if they already are self conscience about it to begin with or it is something they cannot change about themselves.

Now think about how you would feel if someone did that to your: child, sister, mother, aunt, best friend, cousin, etc...

Last thing and I will let this subject go, I promise.

Think about what you can do to stop bullying, not only in regards to yourself, but others as well. How can you show the world that bullying is wrong and that it hurts, sometimes causing so much damage that they no longer have a will to live. How can you help someone that has been abused?

Stop bullying and help someone today. Please.