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Monday, October 8, 2012
I love when you get a brand new hardback book. the feel of the outside and the smell of the pages within. That new ink smell outshines a new car smell by several miles. I love when you get a new paperback.  The feel of the cover all shiny and new. I love when they are used as well. The crease that develops of the front cover, showing that someone read the book not once but several times. I love when you get one that has slips of paper inside, noting their favorite parts of the story.

I love when you first get them. They are brand new worlds for you to explore. I love meeting the new characters, good and bad in each story. I love reading about a place and thinking, hey I have been there. Sometimes only to discover that I have only been there in another book.

When I get a new book to read, my heart beats faster, my mind thinks about the story that is possibly in the book and my hands itch to open it for the first time. Just from reading the synopsis from the book, I imagine each new heroine or hero and how they are going to speak.

When reading the books, I give each character a definitive accent and imagine how they would look. I think about their likes and dislikes. I visualize their laughter and tears, their love and heartache. I feel the emotion that they feel. Sometimes this is not a good thing as it has, on occasion, transferred into my real life.

I love books, I love stories and I love the people that are in on the process. I want to meet every author and shake their hands. I want to discuss the book with the editors. I want to hear how the story developed, if the character resembled someone, and if they would do a sequel.

Yes you could say I love books. I love them more than movies. You seldom get the same feelings from the movies as you do in the books.

How much do you like books?