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Monday, March 3, 2014
Happy Monday everyone!

My house is full of sick people and apparently so is my brain! 
Today there is no rhyme or reason to the list it is what it is.

Crap forgot to write the speill again!

Okay so here is what this blog post is all about! I look up titles in the erotica sextion of Amazon and then pick five that make either make me laugh or whatever I have thought has made me laugh. Then I share them with you. It is all done in fun. You will find no links or authors names, just the titles, although some of the authors names are equally as hilarious as some of the titles. 

Hope this brings a smile to your face, I know it did to mine!

  • Gay Zombie Erotix (all kinds of flamboyant stuff went through my mind. Imagine the most sassy gay man in the world and then make him a zombie, yeah I was in a fit of giggles from just picturing it!)
  • THE WHOREHOUSE IS ON FIRE! (A real fire? You better save them ho's! Or is it an STD kind of burning going on? You better get to the doctor! Or maybe that meant that the ho's were just that good? They need to clarify because I am old and confused!)
  • Gotta Poke 'Em All (Yep! He a ho! That was my first thought!)
  • His Animal Stink (Okay not sure about anyone else but that is just TMI and ewwww)
  • Bobby And Jean Get It On (White Trash Erotica) (Honestly I totally read this title as Booby Jean Get it on and then I cleaned my glasses and tried again but still laughed because that was major misreading on my part)

I welcome all correspondence! You can email me at or leave a comment below! If you have a suggestion for a word I will happily look up titles and post them on here or if you just want to say hi well, I am open to that too!