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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello everyone!

As you can see if you are a regular reader of my blog that I am on a mission to finish my own book so that I can have one published instead of just reading everyone elses! But I wanted to keep this going so that I can have a bit of fun in between editing rounds! 

Lets go over how this works!


Are you sure?

I hope so, because I wasn't when I read some of these titles and let me just say wow!

So basically what happens is that I go through the erotica genre on and sift through literally thousands of titles trying to find ones that either throw my brain in the gutter or make me laugh. Then once I get back in my wheel chair I post them along with my first reaction with you so that your Monday morning has a bit of a laugh as well!

I do not do this as an insult to the authors and never include a link. This is all in fun and meant only to make a few of us with dirty minds to have a bit of a giggle. Now if others look up the books and buy them, then yay! for the authors and if they don't then no harm no foul! I just want to have a good laugh on dreary Monday mornings to start the week off with a bit of humor! 

Todays list has no search word attached but if you would like to put in your two cents send me an email at or a comment below and I will use your word to search out next weeks list of titles!

  • WTF! She's Doing Who?( I chose this one because I loved the title, it follows my theme!) 
  • Gender Swap Lollipop (Not sure what candy store they are shopping at but I am avoiding it at all costs. I like my boobage way to much)
  • Fluffing My Neighbor (This just made me laugh because I have older family members who call breaking wind or farting for a female, fluffing. So all I thought when I read this title was one of my great aunts farting on the neighbor!)
  • Carnival Girl Fuck ( 1. I want to know where this carnival was when I was younger? 2. Is this every guys fantasy? and 3. the title just made me laugh because all I thought of was clowns going at it lol!)
  • Sporting Wood ( This is what I would call happens when guys have to go pee and have morning wood and let me just say I laugh my ass off when it happened to guys I dated, so this brought back giggles from my past)