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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When I read the first book of The Pipe Woman Chronicles by Lynne Cantwell I was enthused to say the least. I will fully admit I became and instant fan. Not many authors can write about religion and not have me gnashing my teeth or wanting to chew a box or two of nails, but this woman was able. I found myself excited each time a new book in the series came out and was never disappointed in her ability to deliver a great story with a wonderful lesson inside.

So when I heard that she was writing something else, I won't lie I thought to myself, "I hope this is not like other authors who write a great series of books and then the next set just don't have the umph that I need." So glad I kept that to myself because I was completely wrong, this new book has umph and then some!

I found myself in Sue and wanted to smack Tess upside the head. The story is about what happened after The Pipe Woman Chronicles, which I was not expecting. I loved that we get a different set of characters in a different kind of love triangle, with some different gods and goddesses and some the same. We get to walk through a tense climate after the world gets a religion lesson and seems to need a refresher course.

I am more than enthused about Crosswind because while reading it I found myself comparing the climate of some of the hot issues in the real world to some of the things happening in the world Lynne created. I am looking forward to the next book and not only because I want to know what happened but because I NEED to know what happens.

My twitter, Facebook, google, goodreads and chat will be filled with me telling everyone about this awesome book!


Life on Earth is much improved since the pagan gods’ return. As conflict eases around the world, attention — and money — has turned to more humanitarian goals: improving the lives of the First Nations peoples and others who were repressed for thousands of years.

But the former ruling class – the military, religious, and corporate leaders who profited under the old system — are about to stage a last-ditch effort to bring their good times back.

The gods refuse to start a new war against those men, because that would make them no better than Their opponents. Instead, They have drafted three humans to help Them. Together, Tess, Sue and Darrell must find a way past their own flaws to ensure the gods’ peace will not be destroyed.

Genre – Urban Fantasy
Pages – approx 275 (68K words)
Published November 20th – Amazon 

 about the author:

Lynne Cantwell has been writing fiction since the second grade, when the kid who sat in front of her showed her a book he had written, and she thought, “I could do that.” The result was Susie and the Talking Doll, a picture book, illustrated by the author, about a girl who owned a doll that not only could talk, but could carry on conversations. The book had dialogue but no paragraph breaks. Today, after a twenty-year career in broadcast journalism and a master’s degree in fiction writing from Johns Hopkins University (or perhaps despite the master’s degree), Lynne is still writing fantasy. In addition, she is a contributing author at Indies Unlimited.  

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Lynne Cantwell said...

Aww, thanks for the kind words, Leanne!

Unknown said...

You are very welcome hon!