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Monday, January 20, 2014

And.... We're back!!! YAY!!!!

Sorry I have been away so long but moving and serious medical issues kept me away. For those of you that are regular readers some of the rules have changed. To those of you that are brand new, welcome to my humble blog!

So here are the new rules! I am still going to post book titles without authors and without links, but I will not be posting the titles because they are funny or I had a funny thought when I read it. I will no longer be posting titles only because they are awful ( although you will still see some of them here). Now I am not doing this to harm authors or to help them this is not about that, this is all about the funny. I will not trash authors but I will giggle and share the laughter if I find humor in the title. 

PLEASE feel free to offer words to search for the weekly list by commenting or emailing me at .  

This weeks list is brought to you by the word stupid!

  • Crazy, stupid sex! ~ Now let me just say that I seriously wondered if the person either hated the sex so much they called it stupid or it was so good that it could make you stupid. Either way the title made me giggle,~ 

  • Big Stupid (POPCORN) ~ all kinds of crazy things went through my mind when I read this title. I actually laughed loud enough to startle my dog. ~

  • It's A Sign Stupid! ~ The first thing I did was check to see if it was authored by the comedian that does the Here's your sign routine. So sad to see that it wasn't but it made me want to read it, just to see if it was as funny. ~

  • She's With Stupid ~ Do you know how many times I want to say this about some of my friends significant others? I can't name names but I seriously went OMG this is a perfect title for .....and ...... and ..... lol!

  • Son of Stupid Sh*t Men Do That Pisses Women Off ~ I rolled when I read this one because I realized at 44 years old I could probably fill a whole book of things that the men in my life do to piss me off.

That is this weeks list, I hope you giggled a little or at least cracked a smile, Monday is always such a shit day so I hope that even for a brief moment this made it better!