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Monday, November 18, 2013
Every week for the past 19 weeks ( I missed one week from illnesses). I have been rounding up titles that I thought were funny and posting them on here. I have tended to stick to the erotica section, now lets be honest, they have some of the funniest titles. I have branched out a time or two and included titles that were funny from other genre's. I have even posted titles that were not funny but my reaction to them has been. (Now that this paragraph is over I am going to share a funny with you. Every time I typed titles, I accidentally typed titties lol and had to correct it.) 

Disclaimer: The following list of titles has been chosen for fun. It is not a reflection of the title in a bad way necessarily and it is not posted to harm the authors. I have read some of these titles and while I may not review them, there was something about the title that made me laugh. I do not post links or authors names because I do not want the authors to think I am doing this to harm them. This is all about the funny. 

With all that said here is your list:

She's The Last - Sample ( my first reaction was to take out the hyphen and go all ghetto on this ass hat who thinks he can go sample other women before making a commitment...)


The Alpha Wolf's Mate - French Kiss Wolf's Bite ( is it a kiss or a bite??? make up your mind because that could be painful and bloody and totally not my idea of a french kiss!)


It's My Turn ( Bitch! You better get in line! ... *clears throat* sorry let me just get out of ghetto mode completely I just couldn't help myself!)


Hookers in the House ( 80's and 90's dance mixes immediatly started playing loudly in my head... Rumors in the hall all all all, hookers in the how how house. Yeah I went there) 

Two Lips Into My Skin  ( Um, Okay!  Shouldn't it be two lips on my skin. )

Blogger hates me today! Here is my list! There was no search word today, but if you would like to contribute to the next search, please comment here or email me at . 

Hey you! One more thing... Yes I am talking to you! Remember you are loved because you are you and there is no one else in the whole world exactly like you!

Happy Monday!