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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Get to know a little about Dick:

Dick Waters' flash fiction entries won eleven times during 2012. Those winning entries were published in the Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology. He also won six times so far in 2013, and those winning entries will be published in the 2013 edition.

Dick is retired and now writes fiction full time. Dick created the Scott Tucker series and has self-published five novels in that series in just over two years. That series is obviously based on Scott Tucker, who at the beginning of the series is a Harvard undergraduate. Scott has a propensity to get involved with serial killers, and some are even women. He finds himself drawn into investigations for various reasons, and if he knew how close he would come to losing his own life, he might think twice about venturing to find the killers. These novels are available in both eBook and print editions.

The authors he enjoys reading are; James Patterson's Alex Cross novels, Stuart Woods and Robert B. Parker. He enjoys reading those authors as their novels are fast-paced suspense stories. His own novels are modeled after Robert B. Parker's, and contain chapters which average 1,000 words and bounce between the different characters in the novel, including the antagonist.

Dick's stories are mostly based in Massachusetts, or New England, during the 1960's. He likes that period as most murders needed to be solved by investigators using pain-staking analysis and not forensics.

Dick is a member of several professional writer groups and is a monthly contributor to the Indies Unlimited super-blog which supports independent authors.

His personal goal is to have at least one best-selling novel in the very near future. He plans on making local presentations to help readers learn about his writing. He encourages you to read his novels and appreciates any reviews. If you like his novels please let your friends know. Only readers like yourself can help him accomplish his goal.

Besides writing he enjoys watching and participating in sports including golf and baseball.

A little about his work and the book I read !


 In the early 60's a serial killer was murdering women of all ages. The media labeled this real life killer the ‘Boston Strangler.’ Albert DeSalvo confessed to being that killer, but there has been much speculation as to whether he was the real killer. He was subsequently killed in his cell.

This 'Branded for Murder' novel takes place during that same period and creates the 'New England Strangler.' Over a dozen women were victims and the authorities needed to establish a task force to consolidate efforts to track the killer down.

Scott Tucker, a Harvard undergraduate, received a call that changed his life - his cousin was the strangler's last victim. He commits to help find her killer and is successful joining the task force. The day President Kennedy is assassinated Scott finally overcomes his reluctance to meet someone he lusts for. His life changes quickly as he comes out of his shell and discovers the love of his life.

When the task force efforts finally have the key suspect in custody, unfortunately the killings continue. The authorities wonder if they have the real killer in custody, or is there another killer targeting the new victims. Scott becomes the only thing between the killer and his final target.

My review:

From the moment I opened the book and began reading I was inside the story. Dick has a gift with his use of action words that allows the reader to become part of the scene. I was there, I could have told you what the weather was like and on several occasions, smells he described overwhelmed me. An author that can place a reader inside the novel from the very beginning is great, but it is absolutely wonderful when you get a book that keeps you inside through the duration of the novel. This was such a novel. I was flattered when asked if I would read and review it, but I was honored after I read it. He has a way of weaving a story that I could not have guessed early on who the murderer was and at times I guessed and was way off. Not many books have allowed me to guess incorrectly when delving into their mysteries. This one did. I was not floored when I got to the end but I was surprised that I did not figure it out earlier.  The synopsis doesn't even begin to do the book justice, it doesn't give us all the nuances and the plethora of possibilities that actually reading it allows. I will be recommending this to everyone that loves a good mystery with a bit of murder and historical mayhem.

To discover more about Dick Waters and his wonderful novels check out his Amazon Page  that has this book and the rest of the wonderful series!


Dick Waters said...

Once again THANK you for taking the time to read my novel(s), and for such a nice review.
Keep doing what you are can make a big difference, and I will remember!