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Monday, October 7, 2013
The blog has been down for the past week. One because I got new technology and I still cannot figure out how to use it! Nothing like a new toy to remind you of how stupid you really are. The second thing is because I am struggling with a bad case of pneumonia and bronchitis. Between the illnesses themselves and the side effects from the medicine that they gave me I haven't felt very funny. I am trying this week and while it will be a short list I am hoping it will be a little funny for you.

As always here is how this works. If you are an author or a reader of this blog for the first time, know that this list is all in fun. I have read and have friends that read some of these titles that have been posted in the past and will probably show up in the future. This is not about the content of the books or the author's ability to write, this is about my brains reaction to some of the titles. Because I thought it was funny I am sharing with you so please do not take offense, this is just for fun.

Here is this weeks list:

  • Lick My Eyeball! ( I can't get a contact in my eye with my own finger, the thought of someone tonguing my eyeball with their germy tongue just yeah.... I am running the other way thank you)  

  •  Leslie Licks Herself (Yeah okay I would totally pay not only to see this happen but to learn how to do it myself. Then I could really have some fun hahahaha. Okay not really but if we could all do this the race would have died out ages ago lol.)

  • Size Does Matter 2 ( Wow he didn't get the hint the first time and they had to tell him again. You would think he would know which of the three bears he was by now you know???) 

  •  Romancing The Snow ( I  really know what era I grew up in because my first thought was about a movie that has a title really similar to this. My second thought was wow they must be really frigid if they are as cold as snow) 

  • Lick It! Lick It Real Good! ( Did anyone else just sing that in there head or was that only me?)

Well everyone those are the picks for the week from me. Oh by the way the word was lick in case anyone wanted to know for sure. I hope you all will pass this around to your friends. A comment or two about how you like the WTF edition would be awesome and if you want to send me a message I may just scream your name!  

Hugs and happy Monday to you!