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Sunday, September 15, 2013
Well it is another week and another edition of WTF!  I have been absent from the blog for personal emotional and physical reasons this past week, but I am back now and will be kicking it into gear starting with today's blog in the hopes that I can contribute to some smiles ( both yours and mine). 

Let me explain what this is. I scour the net to find book titles that make me laugh/ giggle or cause me to take a second look. I find at least 5 in the category I have chosen for the week and post them here. I do this not with malice for the wonderful authors out there or to pick at people, but because they caused me to pause or laugh. Then I blog about them to share the laughter. This is all in fun, so if you see your title or a book you really liked, please do not be offended. In the past I have heard authors were afraid that their books would end up here. If it does end up here it just means your title made me take notice. ( I may not want to review it on this blog but I do read some of the more creative titles lol) 

Now this weeks category is toes and feet. ( um, ewww!) It comes to us courtesy of Kriss Morton to pick on Dionne Lister and her dislike of the topic ( I don't like them either). 

So here is our list for the week!


  1) Toes Are For Sucking ( gross! Pretty sure our toes are for balance! If you are a toddler or  infant  then thumbs are for sucking but toes are just eww!)
    2) Toe Cleavage ( Upon seeing this title I immediately looked down at my toes and thought, yeah my toes have cleavage only because they are swollen, completely not pretty!  Did you just look at your toes too?)
    3)  Foot Pervert in the Park ( Great now I am going to avoid wearing flip flops and sandals in parks for fear some deranged goober is out there thinking my toes are their next meal)
    4) One Toe Out(A Complicated Love Story) ( ROFL, my first thought was that some guy who loves his sweat stained stinky socks is heartbroken when he realizes that there is a hole in them by the one toe that is sticking out!  That would be a short story because his wife/girl/boyfriend would come in and force the guy to throw the socks away!)
    5)  Sucking Her Toes to get His Foot in the Door  ( I am thinking that if you have to suck someone's toes to get a specific job then maybe that job is not ready for you. Or maybe the person interviewing you stepped in dog poo and is an asshat and wants you to clean them. I just grossed myself out, so glad I have a trashcan next to me)

If you would like to make a suggestion for a topic or think this is funny please please please leave a comment. If you are offended you can send me an email at .

Hope you have a great Monday with clean toes and feet.


Dionne said...

Ew OMG! Some of those books sound so gross. Toe sucking. Noooooooooooo!

Katy S said...

Takes all kinda perverted folk to make the world go 'round... (hear that in one of those old-timey-men-type voices with a subtle Southern drawl, like the guys who used to do the Bartles & Jaymes commercials...)