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Sunday, July 28, 2013
Yay! It's Monday which means I have scoured the digital book shelves to find 5 titles I wouldn't want to review! If you don't know what this is and you have been directed here for a little giggle courtesy of one of my wonderful readers, well then let me fill you in. This is done all in fun. I find titles that either are goofy or make me screw my face up. Then I pick the top five and add my own two cents. Once I am finished I put it all here for you to laugh with me. I do not include a buy link or the authors name because, well, that would just be mean! This is meant to give you a smile on Monday mornings not to pick on others. Also, as promised, the genre is erotica!

  1. A Quarter Dozen Dirty Stories (If I am horny I am not doing the math to figure out that this book has 3 short stories, Geez!)
  2. Homeless Wrinkly Man Story (OMG really, this sounds um dirty but not erotic dirty. It sounds dirty like I feel the need to shower and scrub my skin raw dirty.)
  3. Wet Korea: Let's Get Married (as opposed to Dry Korea: Let's get divorced????)
  4. Fifty Shades of Brown (okay first I thought about shit, but seriously quit being lazy and borrowing/altering titles, it's annoying!)
  5. Dumpsterotica how dirty are you?? (This title does not scream sexy it screams gross, I mean seriously have you seen the inside of a dumpster, they never clean them... just ewww gross)

Remember that this is all in fun. If you are a reader of erotica ( as I am) then you know some of the titles are really silly. If you are an author, know that your title caused someone to laugh a little today.

Comments would be wonderful! I would love to hear your thoughts about these Monday blogs! Leave a comment or send me an email! !