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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
The holidays! *sigh*.

I hate them every year. We have lived on a fixed income for several years now. Normally we would buy something small for the kids and stuff to fill stockings. This year we can't do this. Social Security took away my husbands benefits because they don't think his short and long term memory loss, migraines, severe depression, and PTSD are disabilities. Instead they told us that he could be a dishwasher or a dining attendant. I will just shake my head and move on.

Anyway, sorry my brain keeps losing focus today so the ramblings will be all over the place. I promise I have an agenda here. I just might have a couple of issues expressing it in the right order.

Holidays! In our home this year we will be celebrating, not with gifts but with time together and love. What I am hoping is that we will all be able to sit together and talk about what we would like to focus on for the next year. Our kids are almost all grown now but they still live at home. In two short months our oldest will be twenty. She has been applying for special housing aid because of her disabled daughter. So we will be spending this holiday season hoping that Sabrina gets into the special daycare and that they both get into the special housing.  (The picture is of our oldest about 8 years ago, she will be so mad when she sees this lol)

Our middle daughter is eighteen and has been struggling a lot. I think we all have that year or so that we are technically an adult but still act like a kid.  Some struggle with this time much longer than others, I know people in their forties that are going through it still. This holiday season we will be discussing her college plans.  (This is our middle daughter about 8 years ago as well. She will be really mad when she sees this. Oh the joys of being mom. )

Our youngest daughter is fifteen and going through her own turmoil which I am hoping to cover on Thursday. We will be spending the holidays talking to her about her plans for next in the hopes that she will once again try public school. Right now she is doing her classwork online and I am helping her as much as she will let me.  (This is a picture of our youngest around the time of her first Christmas, bad picture sorry. This is the child that never sits still)

My husband, Brother in law and I will be discussing our future. We know that things are tough financially and will be struggling much more than we ever have but we will be talking about things that we can change to make not only our lives, the lives of our children, but also ways that we can help others. 

I believe that you should help other people and take care of not only your family but those around you. I have been told that I stretch myself to much and I probably do. One day though I am hoping that everyone will understand that the smile a child gives me for praising them, the pat from the old woman whose groceries I unloaded for her, the thank you I got from the man who dropped his wallet, make my heart smile and that to me is what matters. (Picture is the last one I can find of our girls all together in one shot. I must make them sit together and take a picture soon, this one was four years ago! )

My challenge for this holiday season is for everyone to give the gift of help to someone who needs it. Not necessarily monetary help but physical and emotional help. Holidays are rough on a lot of people and sometimes a helping hand or a listening ear are all someone needs to just make it through a season that is often time of hardship and grief for them.  (The picture is of the one and only time we ever had snow during the years we lived in Texas. )

I have friends who have lost loved ones, I will be making the effort this holiday season to listen to them. I will be encouraging them to think about the great moments they had with them and know that maybe they are partying like crazy where ever they are now.

I have elderly friends here that I know have less and less help during the holidays because the people that assist them have families and take holiday time too. I will be there if they need me to help with things that they cannot do themselves ( or at least should not be trying to do alone). 

I know others that will be having holiday meals for the people in their area that have no one to share the holiday with. They will be setting up their home and inviting a few of the down on their luck people that visit their facilities into a nice sit down dinner this holiday season. They do not have the money to give them gifts but they can help them remember that people care about them.  (Christmas cookies made by my daughter and my mother last Christmas. )

So I want to ask that everyone take a moment this holiday to make someone smile, to listen to them when they need someone to talk with, hug them when they feel lonely, and spread love because that moment of your time may mean a lot more to them that you think. 

hugs everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful and loving holiday season! (The last picture is of my beautiful grand daughter, just because she is my girl. )
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