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Saturday, December 29, 2012

 Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue Inc. is an not for profit organization that I learned about recently. After reading about what they do I thought that I would share them with you. I hope that you read their mission and see all the good they do not just for animals, but for people as well. I wish them luck in their fund raising and will keep those they have to help close to my heart. 
To visit their website please visit :
Mission Statement…… “Our Goals of Being an Axle
"Our Mission Statement" is basic and simple. As a NIMS Certified Fire Rescue Group, bring a faster and professional response group to the rural areas of America, where more losses and loss of life happen around the country with more natural disasters than the everyday person keeps track of, especially this past few years. Tornadoes and severe weather has effected more areas and limited reports of destructions are nationally than hurricanes, but the losses and injuries not to forget the loss of life also happen but are not as remembered.
Our Goal is to concentrate on helping those in rural America, where our national economy is effected more than anywhere in losses annually. More jobs are lost, more personal belongings are lost, more economic claims are placed, more damage is not reported due to lower insurances are recorded, and the story continues in central America.
FIRST.... with all our ability , provide, train, and respond as teams with rapid response First Responder and Fire Rescue teams to assist in rescuing animals from danger, besides the human victims and patients who are needing rescued.
This also includes loss of life from trying to save their own animals.
This is "why" we are focusing in on helping small rural communities prepare the right way for those areas, and also be better prepared for family emergencies as well. Including:
*Classes of Safety around the home or ranch
* Child registration for Missing Persons Reports, and what to do when an elderly becomes missing
* Organize in advance in Neighborhood  Emergency Awareness Organization
* Wild Fire Prepared Plans and Safer Landscaping around the homes and ranches
* How to prepare for Flash Floods around the home in advance before it happens
* Tornado Lessons that save lives (loved ones, pets and livestock)
* Forming an Emergency Communications System within a neighborhood for all sorts of emergencies, including missing persons and pets/animals (C.E.R.T.  and Fl. S.A.R.T. SUPPORTERS)
* Basic life saving first aid things to do to save the life of a human, or animal
* What communities can do to help save lives in community Storm Shelters for animals too

ALL THE ABOVE are our mission to focus on to help our country save lives and loss of property when nature comes knocking at your door before they are invited. Remember, if you live in central parts of the country, most rough storms and/or tornadoes hit most of the time at night or early morning, so knowing all you can learn in advance, and yielding to watches and warnings are the smart things to really do always.
<<< Fire First Responders always like calls that are "no injuries" type of calls, and just wish they were more. >>>

 f you have the desire to contribute, please know we all send our deepest appreciation to those who donate anything they can. FOOD, BLANKETS, Large Dog Kennels, and even dog or cat leashes are greatly appreciated.
You may send us a payment by sending a check made out to "Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Inc."  to:
                                     Healing Spirits Ranch and Rescue, Inc., District III
                                     Attention:  Ms. Jane Holcomb  - Treasurer
                                      15224 Hwy 259 South
                                     Mt. Enterprise, Tx. 75681
                                     Phone: (903) 722-3617
 Remember that you will be sent a receipt  that is a legal tax deduction too!!! After all, just with the horses and animals we have now costs us on an average of over $1,000.00 per month in feed alone. That is "why" we need all you can help donate, from $5.00 per month to more if you can. We are blessed with helping animals with your loving donations.
Those businesses who wish to donate, or send us some money, supplies or a grant to help feed horses or livestock, please feel free to call us, or email us for any additional information you need to help your commitment to help us help others. We also have a link that you may contact us directly for any questions, comments or suggestions.  We do deeply appreciate those compassionate private individuals, business owners and any Corporations efforts to help as well.
              ALL PRIVATE donations are strictly used for ONLY feed and health care costs (including rescue equipment) for used to SAVE their lives. Only designated corporate donations or grants are used for any payroll, training costs, expenses, or special needed equipment (such as fire trucks specifically designed for our needs for equine extractions/rescues, rescue and safety equipment, and urgently needed property to house those animals who need a home).
 Please take the time to look at their website and support them so that they can help someone in their time of need.