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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Hello everyone out in Internet space! I had planned on writing about the election today, but after last night and today and the nasty comments that have been made over the whole thing I decided to write about better things.
What is today's topic you might ask? Today's topic is about my immediate family. Well in part, but mostly it is about how insanely different we are and how we cope with it when things like the politics and religion come about.
You see in my family we have one atheist, 3 Christians(two Evangelical and one nondenominational) and 2 pagans (one Wicca and one Druid). Yet we can discuss religion without getting angry at one another. We can discuss it because it doesn't change our personal beliefs and we don't try to change each other's belief. We discuss the differences and how it much it means to us personally. We do not belittle each other over our beliefs or threaten each other. We talk about it with respect.
With politics in our household we are pretty much on the same page, but when we discuss it with friends and family, we try very hard to respect them and not belittle them for their beliefs. This is sometimes thrown in our face as we saw it yesterday, but as long as we are respectful, I am happy.
I think about all the things I have taught my children and hope that they will one day become great adults because of it. I have taught them to argue their opinions not just within themselves but with other. I have taught them that it is okay to question authority with respect. I have taught them that who they are does not make them better than anyone else, it only makes them one leaf in the huge tree of society. I have taught them tolerance.
Right now I have children poised to leave home and start their life in the big bad world. I worry like every parent does that I will have missed teaching something to them that they need to know. I worry that some of the mistakes I know I have made with them, will hinder their pursuit of happiness. Like all parents I think about the ramifications of things I say and feelings that I have shared with them and hope that I have not screwed them up too much.
I guess their really was not topic for today after all, I just came in and gushed all my feeling out. I hope no one minds and understands that like most Americans today I have a lot on my mind. Please respect one another and send love to each other and not hate. No more "oh you destroyed the country" and calling names. We are all different, but we all deserve the same amount of respect.
With much love