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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Crazy as it seems, I love creating characters that I wish I could be. I am not talking body type either, although I think I would love to be any of the body types that I have created. It is the characters though that I would most like to emulate, if not all of their personalities, then at least some of them. The one I am working on now, I think is very funny. I would love to be funny. I think having the ability to make someone laugh, is admirable. There are things this character says and does that I would never have the nerve to say or do. This is the part of her that I wish was me.
When I see characters that others write, I find myself doing the same thing. I wish that I had their courage or their strength. Not that I am a weak person or anything of the sort, it is just that I do not see myself as being as strong as they are. I know that some of them have let someone have it (verbally) that deserved it and I have said to myself, “Wow, if I could tell someone off like that”. I just do not have the nerve to do so.
Every now and then, I have a character deliver a speech or great line and think, “well, if I cannot deliver that message myself at least my character gets to do it.” I often wonder if other writers do this, if they set their characters up to do what they cannot in real life. I know that I tend to have my characters physically fighting instead of just sparring with words. There is a reason for that. I have issues standing and walking, in fact I spend the vast majority of my time in a chair. So I have my characters doing the physical things that I would love to do. I would love to kick some bullies behind, run a race, or anything really that allows them to stand up and take action.
Then I look at all of my characters and I can find a lot of my attributes, as well as my flaws in each of them. It is like they are the balanced person both physically and mentally that I wish I could be with a bit of the real me thrown in. Does anyone else do this, when they form their characters?