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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!!! I hope you are enjoying the Olympics. 

So it is another Monday and guess what that means?

It means it is time for another WTF! Episode!
It also means I get to tell all about what this is. It is the yucky part of this blog and I won't deny that there are times when I want to say blah, blah, blah but that won't accomplish anything so here is how this works. 

On Sunday nights I go on a search to find funny titles or titles I find funny then I put them here for others to find on Monday morning and have a good giggle or at least something to smile about. Now before anyone puts their panties on crooked I do not do this to harm an author. I do it simply because it is funny. I don't include their names or links to their books because I want it only to be a humorous moment not an attack on the author. 

My search is usually from a keyword that either someone emails me or a comment someone made or even something as mundane as something that linked to me. Today the word is late because I got so involved in editing my own book that I was late getting this together and put out... whooops! 

  • Late for a Lick ( okay I would say if someone was licking me there was no way they could be late lol)
  • Late Night XXX-Ray ( nothing wrong with this it just made me laugh because my mind went to the hard and cold uncomfortable X-Ray table )
  • Sex in an Alleyway Eight Years Late (There is specific window of time in your life that sex in an alleyway is okay ?? Damn I must have missed that time in my life!)
  • Late Night Menu ( My late night menu is junk food or something similar but I am pretty sure that wasn't what they were talking about)
  • Late Night Call for the Cableman (Cableman come at night??? When we called they came 3 hours late and then rescheduled for the next day because it was the end of his business day at 4 in the afternoon and then they didn't show until late in the afternoon. I want the one they have they come over at night to fix cable! )