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Friday, January 31, 2014


Ava Paskell is not your normal young woman. She's twice as strong as girls her age and she has a problem controlling her emotions. When her dad insists they spend the summer together in a small, strange Canadian town, she knows her life is about to change. But one of the biggest life changing moments is meeting Cyrus Carlston. The powerful bond they share from the very beginning scares her as much as it thrills her. As her life is put in danger and she gets closer an closer to the truth, one thing is clear, Ava's dreams are about to become her reality.

My Review:

The idea behind this story was huge and I wanted it to be wonderful, and for the most part it met my need for a good story. I wanted it to be so much more though and so while this is a great book and I liked it, it did not bowl me over. Ava was an awesome character and her father was pretty great too. I actually loved the all the characters, the story just felt rushed. I know that when I write I have this issue as well. I get so excited about the idea I have for what happens next that I zoom right through it. This leaves a bunch of holes for the reader unfortunately and this is the case for me. I would still rate this highly and will still recommend it to others because it is a great story with wonderful leading characters and I think others will enjoy reading it as much as I did. I just wish it was a little more fleshed in the action scenes, like the author fleshed out the regular scenes. 

About the author:

I have lived in many places but enjoy living in the Rocky Mountains now with my children. I have two favorite quotes: "The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived" and "We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." - Elie Wiesel
I spend my time being a mother, a writer and volunteering for The Millstone Foundation, a foundation for the protection of children from Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking and Child Pornography. For more information on The Millstone Foundation, go to
I have written five books so far. My first trilogy is the Lost Witch trilogy: Freak of Nature, Blood Rush and Fate Changer. My newest series is about werewolves and it's the Taming the Wolf Series. The first book is Werewolf Dreams, the second is Werewolf Rage and I'm hard at work at Book 3. More info to come soon!
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