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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
 The Curiousity Shop


Cassandra Sinclair is a dutiful niece helping an elderly aunt through a medical crisis by managing her aunt’s oddities emporium, The Curiosity Shop. For years the rumors that her aunt was a witch haunted Cassandra, but they were rumors she never allowed herself to believe. That was until Mitch Westfield, a local beat cop, enters the picture along with thugs demanding protection money. 

THE CURIOSITY SHOP is a comedy of errors that’s a family-oriented mystical story reminiscent of Bell, Book and Candle. Digging into the belief, people have powers beyond our comprehension, where good overcomes evil.

My review:
I really enjoyed this book. I wanted it to be longer because I enjoyed it. I wanted to live in the neighborhood and visit the shops. The author was able to set the scene enough that I felt like I could walk there one day. The characters were great. I especially got a genuine laugh out at the expense of the bad guys. I know, I know, you are not supposed to laugh at them but I just couldn't help myself. The plot flowed very well for me, I just wish I had been there for the first time they had issues and could have seen some of the things that were talked about in this book. Now that is not a critique on this book, more of a selfish want on my part. When I come across a story I really enjoy I tend to become greedy. I will be recommending this book to those that like a good witch against the bad guys story!

About the author:

 I live and grew up in Central Wisconsin. I'm starting a new phase in my life. After being a displaced worker I've decided to take my hobby of writing to a new level and be self-employed. I'm tired of depending on others. In 2003 I was one of the writers featured in an American Movie Classics special titled Malkovich's Mail. Of the five writers and stories reviewed mine was the only one that had positive reviews, it was titled Blue Moon Rising. I did just the reverse, where I adapted my screenplay into manuscript form because it was a story that had strong characters and elements. I have a wealth of stories to tell and am looking forward to sharing them with all my readers. After spending a few years writing screenplays I've discovered my first love is writing novels. I will be downloading my seventh one soon. I do appreciate comments on how you enjoyed my stories.