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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


What happens when an over-the-top, flat-out, chronically rushed career woman hires the world’s slowest carpenter to complete her late father’s half-built B&B before she loses it to the mob? 

Type-A workaholic Beth Turner sure has her hands full: An eighty-hours-a-week real estate career ... "The Yesteryear," an unfinished inn left to her by her dad ... a loan-shark waiting to snatch away the extremely valuable property if Beth misses the almost impossible completion deadline ... and now: Sean Campbell. 

Brilliant. Charming. A carpenter of legendary renown, Sean Campbell has no trouble convincing Beth that he's the man for the job ... except for the irritating fact that he is quite possibly the slowest-moving human on the face of the earth. Now add in some sultry summer heat, lust, and romance to mess things up and slow things down. Top it all off with a string of sabotage, courtesy of the murderous loan-shark, for which Beth blames Sean, and there goes the romance. And, barring miracles, there goes The Yesteryear. 

But Sean is full of miraculous surprises, including his desperate transformation into a warp-speed building machine. But can even miracles overcome the loan-shark's final piece of sabotage ... one designed to put Beth out of his misery permanently?

My review:
I won't lie, I picked this book up while it was free on Amazon. What I will tell you is that while the premise of the book sounded really promising, it didn't deliver as much as I wanted it. The characters were charming and about half of the story was believable. Most people that read my reviews or listen to me talk about the books I read, know that I don't use check lists or get in depth about a story but for this one I think it is just as important to talk about the good as well as the bad. First good thing, the leading characters were awesome, I could totally see the work-aholic and the laid back personality getting together. The first bad thing, she never actually speaks with the person that holds the loan, who is our bad guy right from the beginning. That is a huge thing for me. The second good thing, I loved her use of descriptive words, it helped me as a reader to dive into the scene. The second bad thing, I would never believe that a traveling carpenter would have elite people calling him to build for them especially since he seems to be relatively unknown to everyone. There seems to be a bad thing for every good thing I found in the book. I wish she had delved into the villain a bit more but I am not going to split hairs. I will say that it is a great romance but just not a very believable one. 

About the author:

Maggie Maloney is a hopeless romantic whose love of writing propelled her to pen her first novel "My Pace or Yours?", quickly followed by "Perhaps Some Other Time", all while working as a professional musician, her other passion. As a gifted jazz composer and guitarist, Maggie learned the art of combining talent with finely honed skill and was able to translate that to her writing. Her fascination with the beauty of human connection brings her characters to life in a way that makes you care about them and get lost in their stories. Maggie lives in a cozy seaside cottage with her wonderful husband who she calls "My own personal Prince Charming" and her beloved four-legged pooch, Matches. Keep an eye out for more Maggie Maloney stories coming your way soon!