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Wednesday, November 20, 2013
As some of you might be aware, I have had a lot of illnesses in the past month and have been going back and forth to the emergency room and then finally to a new doctor. I really like my new doctors and it seems that they will finally be helping me get healthy again. 

At the end of September I got very sick with what I thought was a cold. It turned out to be the flu, which turned into bronchitis and pneumonia. They put me on all kinds of medications and after two rounds of steroids and antibiotics it looked like I was going to heal from it. Then I got an abscess in one of my teeth. OH YAY! 

They cut the tooth out and drained the abscess and we thought we were home free. A few days later I was back in the emergency room with bone spurs from the extraction. wonderful. They gave me a bunch of medicine and I came home and passed out for 16 hours. 

Now 16 hours of sleep sounds wonderful except that I apparently laid in the same position all that time and when I woke up I was in severe pain and could not feel part of my left leg and foot. I thought okay I laid on it wrong and it would go away. I was very wrong. 

I tried walking around on it to get it to "wake up" only to wrench my back. So it was back to the emergency room with more pills for pain. I was told to come back if the swelling got worse. I came back 3 days later with more numbing than I had before along with additional swelling and pain. They did an ultrasound on my leg. 

I have blood clots from a clotting disorder and from sleeping so long in the same position. Wonderful. 

My new doctor has ordered some more tests because they think I have a genetic disorder that might be causing all of this and want to rule it out. They ran some other tests and informed me that I am borderline diabetic and not a full blown diabetic like they had assumed. 

Everything else checked out fine and are you ready????

I lost 10 pounds woohoo!. And I get to start riding my Trike again. I had a hearing test as well and I have lost nearly 50% of my hearing in my left ear and 25% in my right. ( I have always had issues with my ears). 

So this is my news and why I have been in and out for the past month. I am still on muscle relaxers that make me very tired but I will be trying harder to get more book reviews out weekly. 

Thanks for reading this really long explanation I really appreciate all of the support I have been receiving!


A.B. Shepherd said...

Glad you get to start riding your trike again and are on the mend. Hope the rest of your tests go well.