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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

“No One Cared” the new novella by author Chemistry, to be in released October 2013. This read brings you heartbreak, anger, rage and betrayal.
This novella tackles the issues of abuse and teen bullying.
Zaria is a fifteen year old girl living in a small town trying to find her place in this world’ after a tragic night, when she was only eight years old changed her perception on life. Raped by a family friend; and bullied daily at school proved to be much more than she could bear.
Title: No One Cared
Author: Author Chemistry
Release Date: September 20, 2013
Find it: Smashwords
Genre: YA | Fiction | Contemporary | Tough Issues

My Review:

The story that this novella tells is such an important one. It is one that no one wants to see happening and the outcome after the abuse is often not good. The author was able to convey the story in such a way that it let you know aspects of the story that as an outsider we would probably not think to look for. There were some issues with grammar and the story was a bit disjointed for me but I would read it again and recommend it for others, as the message is such an important one. Being an abused child is a hard life to live and you often feel alone and as if no one cared. There are important links at the end that readers should pay attention too.

About Chemistry:

Chemistry is a self-published author from Alabama; where she resides with her two daughters.
Chemistry is the founder of Go Getta’s Magazine, an online magazine; it caters to the woman of size. She also has an outspoken Blog “Ima Say It Any-way”.
Chemistry is a young single mother on a mission; she comes from a combination of hurt, anger, heartbreak, joy, happiness, neglect and abuse.
Out of this element, Chemistry was formed and an element can no longer be broken down. Therefore, in her writing, she brings all these mixtures; catching the readers eyes and hearts.
Chemistry plans to tour the country talking to other young women whom have been abused and are victims of domestic Violence. Writing was her way of escape, and now she has a story to tell.
Chemistry just finished her new novella “No One Cared” that has recently been released in September 2013.
Chemistry has been featured in AAMBC, an online book club. She has also been featured in Kontrol Magazine as well as Venus Diva Magazine.
Recently Chemistry had her story published in The Spirit of Big Boned Women, by Yolanda Zellous out of Atlanta. Titled, “Big Boned Mis-tress”.

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What did the author listen to while creating this Novella?

Chemistry playlist:

1. Beautiful, Beautiful

2. Shout to the lord

3. Awesome God

4. When you believe...Mariah Carey

5. I need An Angel...Ruben Studdard

Q&A with Chemistry, Author of No One Cared

1. Can you tell us what inspired you to become a writer?
 Well I was once in abusive relationship and I think through writing I found a way of escape. In that, I was able to get out of that relationship and put that energy to writing.

2. When you wrote NO ONE CARED, did you write strictly fiction or did some personal experiences/knowledge come into play?
I wrote some in Fiction, but mostly from personal experience. This particular book hits close to home.

3. How long did it take you to write NO ONE CARED? During that time, did you come across any blocks/times that you could not write?
It took me about five months to write No One Cared. I did not come across any blocks, but some personal things got in the way at times.

4. What inspired you to write 
Seeing that so many kids and adults are abused and bullied, I felt that I needed to write this novella to display that, being that I have two teen daughters that dealt with issues of bullying.

5. Who is your favorite character in the book, and why?
My favorite character has to be Zaria, because through all she has endured she still decides that she will not let her situation detour her from a normal life.

6.  What was your favorite scene to write and what was the most difficult?
My favorite scene had to be when she stood up to her mom and decided she no longer wanted to be part of her life. The most difficult had to be the scene where she was only eight and she was raped by a family friend, and the fact her mom allowed it to happened. OMG moment!

7. What question(s) are you never asked in interviews but wish you were?
I am never asked what has been my main struggles in life. What has been my motivation.

8. Which (if any) authors have been most influential to your own writing?
Hmmm, I would have to sayyyyy…..Tamika Newhouse. She is a very successful writer, and I have gotten great advice from her over the years.

9. What is your opinion on the matter of “WARNING LABELS”? Do you think children (all ages) should be kept from reading certain books?
I feel Warning Labels are good, because you do not want young kids reading things before they can fully understand the concept of a story. For example, you would not want a 10 year old reading Erotica.

10. Please list five random likes; then do the same for dislikes, go way random.

Random Likes - I like singing in the shower. I like a challenge. I like being told I cannot do something, only to show them I can. I like cooking, and I like Amy Del Rosso, she is the best!
Random Dislikes - I dislike ignorant people. Negative people. I dislike writers whom feel they are superior are better than new Indie authors. I dislike superficial people. I also dislike a HATER!

11. Where do you come up with the names for your characters in the novels that you have written?

I really do not know, they kind of just come to me...

12. Tell us about the biggest challenges you face in your writing process.

Being able to put together a great read and create memorable characters.

13. Is there anything that you are working on that we need to be on the lookout for?
Yes Ma'am, I am working on a new book called Darker Than Night

10 Random Things About Chemistry:

1. I do not wear pants or jewelry.
2. I do not drink.
3. I do not like summertime.
4. I love fall and spring.
5. I love whacky clothes and dress up.
6. I drink milk with my pizza or spaghetti.
7. I want to go into acting.
8. I am a survivor of abuse.
9. I dance in the shower! Yes, I sure
10. I am a big cry

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