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Sunday, October 27, 2013
Hey People! 

This weeks search word comes courtesy of Lucy Pireel! Thanks hon! 

Every week for the last 17 weeks I have been creating a list of 5 book titles that I find funny. Now the actual title may not be funny but my first thought upon reading it was funny to me. This is why I share them. We all know that Monday's are not everyone's favorite day of the week, so I created this with the help of a dear friend ( thank you Kriss!). 

Now as a reminder: This is all in fun, you won't find the link to the books or the author's name. I don't do it to embarrass or harm the author's I do it only for the giggle. Some have even gained readers from this attention and I am happy for them. So without further ado let's have a smile!

The list today is brought to you by the word Wedding!

  •  Weddings Suck (awww was there a bridezilla there??)

  • The Back-Up Fiance (okay so if the first fiance doesn't work out, you have the one hiding where??? In the closet or in the trunk of your car???)

  • Sex on the Slopes (Destination Wedding) ( Wait! Sex on the slopes??? I thought the cold made  *ahem* things smaller and a bit less cooperative???)

  • Weird Wedding Guest ( Checks calender... because I sure do not remember attending this wedding! Was it you ????)

  • Weekend Husband ( So he is only there on the weekends??? Who is he with the rest of the week??? Does this mean the whole bed is mine all week long and there is no snoring or stupidity that  I have to put up with during the week?? Because if there is you can sign me up!!!)

As usual I hope this list made you smile. If you have a word search suggestion for next week, send me a message at or leave a comment below!

Happy Monday!!!!