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Monday, October 21, 2013
Hello everyone and how are you today???

It is Monday and we all know it tends to be the absolute worst day of the week for many of us. So I try to make WTF editions to give some a reason to laugh or at least smile if only for a few seconds. For those of you just joining in, know that I am only doing this for a laugh. Most often it isn't the actual titles that are funny but my thoughts when I read them. That is what I share, my thoughts on some titles I wouldn't review because I would laugh the entire time. I do not add links or author names simply because it is not so much about the titles as it is my response to them.

I love comments and would love to hear your thoughts on today's list.

Today's list is brought to you by the word fat. ( I hate that word but that is a whole different post)

  •     Fat Man Sees His Balls Again ( I  thought you know most woman can't see that area without a mirror   because we have boobs.)
  •     My Big Fat Friend ( Okay, first, if you call me big and fat, you cannot call me a friend. It is just mean! how would you like for me to call you skin and bones friends.)
  •     MANDY LeSHAT is a big, fat, icky liar ( I have no clue who Mandy LeShat is but geez the person saying this is not very nice either.)
  •     Titty F*cking a Fat Old Hag's Heavy Hangers ( Wow this is all kinds of wrong, this man must have trouble getting any with that attitude)
  •     Big Beautiful Woman Fucked By The Almost Stranger ( WTF is an almost stranger? Is that like being almost pregnant? )

That all being said, looking through all those titles with that keyword brought out a little more than laughter from me. I went on huge tangents about the word fat and how fluffy people get picked on by every type of person out there, including other fluffy people. Some were hugely funny though and some completely inappropriate for this blog on many levels. 


Anonymous said...

Leanne, being skin and bones is indeed not very funny either. There are just too many people out there ready to use words in the wrong way.
An almost stranger? What the shoot! And being big is not a laughing matter me thinks. Just as being a skinny sack of bones with no ass and tits isn't much fun either.
Still you've managed to turn a not so funny matter into a great monday morning post.
Keep them coming me luvly! :-)
Can I request 'wedding' for next time?