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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lucky to have made it to his early twenties, Dave Pulaski wandered through life lost and drunk with his best friend Jim.

Then came Holly. She made it her mission to clean him up. And he finally did it. Two years sober, Dave has plans for a family, a steady job and college.

One night Jim disappears, leaving a grisly trail of animal carcasses and murdered bodies. Now Missy, the woman Dave cheated with, threatens to destroy not only his marriage but his sobriety. Between Missy’s jealous demands for attention and the police investigation focused on Jim’s disappearance, Dave’s neatly ordered world quickly spirals out of control.
Amid the wreckage of Dave’s personal life, a contagion brings chaos to his hometown of Tres Marias. The condition, known as “the jimmies,” infects hundreds and kills quickly. But the dead find no rest. They rise as ravenous flesh-eaters.
Dave soon learns that “not all draggers want to eat your flesh, some want revenge.” And Jim and Missy, both infected, each want something from Dave.
The quarantine of Tres Marias creates hell on Earth. Badly outnumbered security forces are no match for the growing hordes of undead.
Follow Dave, Holly and a small band of heavily armed soldiers and civilians as they fight to survive looters, paramilitary nut jobs and the zombie apocalypse.
If the zombies don’t kill them, the wackos surely will. Nowhere is safe.

My Review:

I found this an okay read. There were good things and bad things in this novel that made me think and got me excited but also let me down. I am the type of reader that I want to truly be involved in the action. I don't want to just read about it, I want to be involved. The story was great and had great adventure and I would recommend it to people that like the zombie genre ( and yes it fits in its own category). It has a solid story and the characters are believable. It is completely told from the main characters point of view, which at times irritated me because I wanted it to be more rounded. I wanted to know how the others were feeling. I loved the adventure and often wonder if something like this were to happen, how would we react and how would our nation react. 

About the author:

 Steven Ramirez is an author and screenwriter, with one produced feature film. He lives in Los Angeles with his family and a Shih Tzu who insists that bananas are a major food group. Steven enjoys Mike and Ikes with his Iced Caffè Americano, doesn't sleep on planes, and wishes Europe were closer.
You can connect with Steven on Twitter at, Facebook at and Goodreads at More information at