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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Curvy Allison has always had a thing for bad boy werewolf, Luke. The way he looks at her from across a crowded room makes her wild. But when Luke finally decides to make his move, he has more than looking in mind. He wants Ally, and he will do whatever it takes to have her.

This 6000 word story includes one beautiful and curvy woman, one handsome and devious wolf and enough hot sex to leave you ready for more.

My review:

This review will have some criticism in it but my opinion is that it is a great short. I felt like a teenager all over again reading this. I was that girl in high school that had a bit to much curve and was often overlooked by the hot guys in school. Only difference is these are not kids and her dreams come true. My only real issues with this short is a lack of an ending and it was way to short. I know a short is supposed to be short but let me see if I can explain. When my husband was in the Army, we were often separated, back then we did not have email and those sort of things. We had to send letters. I sent what we called "chapters" sometimes and this book would be an ideal chapter. It is a few moments in someones life, and yes it is often sexy and steamy. This is white hot steamy very quickly and stays that way right to the end. I loved it for a quick read but wanted to know so much more about the characters and their lives. I am nosy that way!  

About the author:

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