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Wednesday, September 4, 2013
My birthday is next Tuesday!

On September 8th 2010 I got a very special gift. My first grandchild was born. Her name was Sabrina Jean Marie. I have talked about her a lot on here, so if this bores you I am sorry.

Sunday she would have been three years old. We lost her this past March. She made us smile for 2 years 6 months and 5 days. I have been writing her story a little at a time. It may take forever to tell everyone how special she was, but it will be well worth it. We all miss her so much. I still feel that big hole in my chest and often I am in tears at the thought of her.

This is one of my favorite video's with her.

She was such a special little girl. She had a smile that could brighten my worst day. If I was upset all I would have to do was talk to her and she would have me smiling and laughing in no time. She truly was a very special addition to our lives. There are days though that I want to curl up in a ball on my bed and not come out to breath.

This is the last video I took with her.


Today I want to share her with you again. This is the last pictures taken of her the night before she passed away.

She never got to walk, 
                so we carried her around. 

She never got to crawl,
                so we pushed her in a stroller. 

She never got to sit up, 
                 so we held her tight. 

She never got to learn, 
                 but she taught us so much. 

She wasn't meant to be here long, 
                 but she made the most of it while she was here. 

She never really got to laugh, 
                but man could she smile.

 She never got to talk, 
                  but her message was loud and clear.

We love and miss you Pookie! Happy Birthday hon! You were the best birthday present I ever got!

Hold Brayden's hand and tell "him" we love him too! ( Brayden would have been her first cousin, and my middle daughters child, "he" passed the month before she did. My daughter was 10 weeks pregnant. His due date was September 15th.) We miss him too!


Unknown said...

What a little sweetheart she was.
Sending you a hug.
Suzanna x