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Sunday, September 29, 2013
Hello greetings earthlings (hahahaha okay you will laugh later I get it)

Let me go over how this works for authors and readers. This is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use the authors name or links in order to not bash the author's work. It is simply meant to make people laugh. Monday's can be brutal, who doesn't need a laugh?

I either take a word that is suggested or search randomly in the erotica section because they tend to make me giggle the most. Then I pick 5 of the best titles. So please do not be offended if your title shows up here or your friends title does because I am in no way shooting down there book. I have actually read some of the ones that I find after I post them here. I know that I have friends that have actually looked up the books and bought them because of this blog. If you are happy that your title did not show up here then that is wonderful!

I am sick right now but I had prepared the topic last Monday and hoped that I would be well enough to post it. I have a bad fever and horrible pain in my face and head so I am loopy from that and the Nyquil I am on so if my answers are more loopy than normal you know why.

And on that note here is today's list brought to you by the word...

  •     I've Fallen and There is a Tentacle in my Butt! (Don't you just hate when you fall on random alien tentacles and they go into your anal cavity? We need a plug to prevent that, it can be dangerous!)
  •      Tantalizing Tentacles (Halloween Treats)(I think I just want the trick instead!)
  •     It Came In Outer-Space (Tentacle Sex) (LOL okay so you know when you see all of those anti-gravity learning things and they show you the little bubbles of liquid floating LOL I imagine a slew of those just floating through space to smack onto some poor unsuspecting space shuttle moseying through the atmosphere)
  •     Breeding Tentacles in Space! (Alien Impregnation Erotica)  (This made me wonder what the little sprout would look like)
  •    Fuck You! Your Dick Is Mine!  (Not sure why this came up with a tentacle search other than their was one on the cover but I know I have said this on occasion when he was too tired LOL)  
I hope you laughed or at least smiled! Send me a message at or leave a comment with your search suggestions and I promise to not be loopy next monday!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I'm not sure about the tentacle in the anal cavaty, but to plug it up like all the time to prevent that from happening is a bit ... Well, over the top maybe?
But that his dick is yours ... Hahaha, that had me laughing out loud.
Another great post, now can you give me books with choclate in the title which you'll never read?