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Monday, August 26, 2013

From August 26th through 31st Love is Never Past Tense will Blast across the internet.

The events described in the book occur amidst complicated changes in the political and economic system of the former Soviet Union. This is a period of great turmoil for the country and the people. A period of many broken destinies, and uprooted lives.

The book weaves its story within the discord of the country. Fear is growing, an animal fear. There remains only one way--emigration. An evacuation without bombing and without the ability to come back, the author writes. You cannot give a better definition.

The rest you will need to read. Because of this, the book delivers multifaceted, versatile content in huge volume to the reader’s range of vision. In some special moments, the author makes us breathless, frantic with worry, and hoping to relax if a satisfactory solution of the situation arrives.

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At last, he could feel his chest tightening…

At last, he could feel his chest tightening—he knew this was the signal to return to the surface. If you wait too long, you might not resurface, since you can momentarily lose consciousness. That’s what their diving coach taught them. No one, of course, tried to prove him wrong. He released the rock and wound his way back to the boat, now a dark silhouette hanging picturesquely in the silver sky of the water—so seems the sea surface looking up from its depths. Purposely, he carefully emerged from the water at the nose of the boat, keeping himself hidden. Occasionally, he stole a glance at his companion, whose own gaze was fixed on the dark green waters. It was evident: worry was overtaking her.

An excerpt from “Love Is Never Past Tense...” (Kindle Locations 74-79)

About the Author

Originally from the former Soviet Union, Janna Yeshanova escaped to the United States when persecution became violent during the crumbling of the Soviet state. Arriving in the United States with her mother and daughter in tow, $126 in her pocket, and knowing not a soul, Janna’s talent and experiences have helped her become a high-end organizational training and development professional. Her exodus story is included in the book.

Founder and principal of Life-Spark, LLC, Janna is a dynamic and powerful life coach, premier trainer and motivational speaker. She leverages her passion and engaging style to help others overcome adversity and spark the possibilities of their lives.

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Hi Leanne,

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