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Monday, August 19, 2013

Well it is another week of funny titles that will hopefully bring a smile to your face on a notoriously bad day of the week! 

Today's search was brought to you by Lucy (thank you hon!) 

Remember that these are just for laughs and in no way are intended to harm the authors or their book sales. I just thought the title was funny and thought I would share along with my own two cents put in!

Most of these book titles come out of the erotica genre so please to do not read in front of children or at work. (church is not advisable either). 

1)Watch (Watching) ~ (Watching Watches sounds pretty boring. I mean how much fun is it to go tick, tock, oh look the second hand moved!) 

2) HON, WE CAN SEE YOUR PUSSY ~(OMG I didn't just laugh when I read this title, I snorted!)

3) Let Me Watch You Fuck~ (Another blunt title that offers no mystique)

4) Can You Keep A Secret? Installment 6-And it All Coming Crashing Down, Finally~(Okay first no I cannot keep a secret and second I wanted to correct the grammar so badly that I started trying to erase the screen)

5) Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diary, Volume 2, Number 1--Ross: Daddy's Little Whore, uh, Seductress~ (okay first this is the second volume, which means there is a first volume and that is scary. Second it is sad when the title is longer than the book. This practice just irritates me. Make a title and stick to it. I do not need to know what the book contains, I can read the synopsis for that information. I mean it is a book without pictures so you know I can read!) 

PLEASE leave me more suggestions in the comment section for words to search for to find odd titles. Also if you would like me to review or beta read your manuscript shoot me an email at

Or you could just email me a hi! I get incredibly lonely writing these blogs!

Have a happy Monday!


A.B. Shepherd said...

Next week search for titles with "hairy" in them. Lol

Oh! And your captcha is horrible. I had to refresh it at least 8 times before I found something I could read. This could be keeping you from getting comments.

A.B. Shepherd said...

Testing. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leanne, those are really titles I wouldn't read either and had me laughing.