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Sunday, August 11, 2013
Oh! Hellooo! 

I was so busy looking through titles that I got carried away. If you are new to my blog, first let me say welcome! Second let me explain what the WTF Mondays is about. I go through titles and find ones that I think are crazy or funny and then add my two cents. I do not give you the link or expose the author, because honestly their book may be very good, I just think the title is funny. This started when I was looking for something to read and stumbled upon a title or two that made me laugh. While talking about it with Kriss Morton ( of, she gave me the idea to make a blog post about it. So I did!. The first one was a hit so I have continued to search every week for new titles to post.

Last week I searched the word Fuck and got a plethora of titles that made me cringe, laugh, swear and just overall shocked me. I loved doing the search that way that I asked for suggestions. I got six responses and decided to use them all this week, instead of doing just the 5 titles I am doing six this week.

STOP reading now if you are easily embarrassed by curse words ( even though I already used one hahahaha).

DON'T go any further if you are going to get pissy, because that attitude doesn't belong here. This is all in fun!

Here we go!

1)for the word snot I couldn't find one single stand out ( Geee thanks Jessica Frellathon) make me laugh title but I did find several cute kids books about snot. I won't read them because the thought of snot is just gross to me but I am sure kids all over are loving them. 

2)(Lynne Cantwell for Bitch) Okay let me just say that there was a super huge tie amongst books named things like Beauty and the Bitch, taming your inner bitch to get what you want, Bitch'n, etc... most of the bitch books were either telling you to stop being a bitch, to be a bigger bitch, or stealing other peoples titles and swapping a word for bitch ( which as you all know just irritates me to death, it makes me think that the author sat there after they finished writing their erotica/romance novella and said what should I name this.... oh I love that fairy tale let me be stupid and steal their title and make it my own. Lazy people!) 

3)Miss Kitty suggested button I found the title Press Here. (my first reaction was "uh no! I do not know where that has been")

4)A Dog's Purpose (Jodine Quong for Human) Rofl see all men are dogs the author even said so!

5)Not Tonight Dear, My Vagina's Asleep (KrissMorton/Cabin Goddess for Vagina) I am so going to use this one day!

6) My favorite of them all lol that needs no commentary because the title speaks for itself! Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex: Cincinnati Bow Tie, Donkey Punch, Rusty Trombone, Hot Carl, Rodeo, Strawberry Shortcake (A.B. Shepherd for Donkey)

 If you would like to participate leave a comment or send me an email and I will include you in the next title search!

If you would like for me to review or beta read for you send me an email at


Have a happy Monday!


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Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeheeeee! Seriously a sleeping vagina? Hahahaha, rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

Now I would like to see titles for Rabbit, doggystyle, and Watch.
Let's see what results those give. :-)