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Thursday, July 11, 2013
The way
She smiles at her
She holds her little hand
She buckles her in

The way
He walks her to school
He laughs at her silly jokes
He scares away all her boyfriends

The way
They cry when she leaves for school
They laugh at the laundry she brings home
They hold each other when they finally let her grow

The way
He looks into her eyes
He kisses her cheek
He pulls out her seat

The way
They talk about everything
They plan their future
They stand and say I do

The way
They cry when they see the lines
They go through hundreds of names
They get excited buying tiny socks

The way
They smile at her
They hold her little hand
They buckle her in

Today I started thinking about families and how they work. The feelings that they grow through as they grow older.  I am not ashamed to say I cried. I am halfway in between this poem with my girls. My oldest left shortly after we said goodbye to her daughter Sabrina. I miss her horribly but I know that she has to grow up and I have to let her go do that. My middle child is rounding things up and getting ready to start a life away from us. This leaves us with only one of our little girls still at home. Our time with her is running out with her as she is almost 16 now. I think about the things that we have been through, the smiles and the tears and I realized something really important.

All the time they have been growing up, I tried to make them independent and hoped they knew how much I loved them. I tried to be fair and impartial and sometimes even succeeded. I tried to let them be children while living in a chaotic world. I worried and ranted, and yes sometimes I even nagged.

So I wrote this and I will read it often to remind myself how quickly time flies. As a parent I hope I have done enough, taught them enough, helped them enough and most importantly loved them enough.

Hug someone today for me. Sometimes we all need a hug. This is my hug to you.

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