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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Mr. Crossmon asked me to read and review two of his books and as I read his query I was enthralled by his words. Little did I know that not only does he have a great intellectual speech pattern when conversing with others, he writes that way too.

As a speed reader, I fly through books, very easily grasping their content and forming an opinion quickly. The two books this author sent me to read, were not meant for a speed reader. These books are amazing pieces of intellectual, thought provoking literature. I had to slow my pace down and read the ins and outs of every thought, every sentence and every scene. These two books would be something I would recommend to someone who has the time to sit and get into a book. Someone that read it would have to also have the ability to dig deep inside not only the books content but themselves as well and decipher what they have read.

I corresponded with him while I was slowly reading and digesting his work and found him to be witty and funny. I also found that personality inside the pages of his books. The genre is not something I normally would pick up but I found myself engulfed for the first time in a long time within the pages that forced me to stop and inhale knowledge and exhale understanding, when my lifestyle often forces me to rush through things in order to get to other things. (ah the life of a mom with teenagers lol)

About the author:

Ʀae Crossmon was born in 1965 in Jackson, Mississippi. Perhaps because he is the son of a Czechoslovakian mother and a Chechen father, Rae learned at a young age how to recognize universal themes that consistently emerge in all cultural tales and myths, regardless of the country of origin. Rae was lucky enough to make a career of this passion, and traveled the world as a visiting professor for two decades. In 2010, Rae took early retirement to pursue the question of what his favorite legend (Vlasta and the Founding of Prague) would look like if it was set in modern day America. He began the White Rock series, of which two novels are completed
(❶Foundations and 
 ❷Extant). He currently resides in upstate New York. Rae is at work on White Rock
 ❸ (working title: Avaunt), as well as “spinoff” novellas focusing on secondary characters in the White Rock books. These novellas will vary in style from the core series. For example, Finding Vassily will pay homage to pulp detective fiction from the 1940’s and Four Untruths will be a coming-of-age first-person account told by a young girl caught in events which precipitate the final White Rock conflict. Both novellas will be available later in 2013.
Rae does not like prologues, trilogies, or dream sequences, and refuses to indulge in creating any of the three. Therefore, the White Rock series will span a minimum of four books and a maximum of ten.
Rae can be reached via email ( He also enjoys playing around with his Pinterest board, pinning possible movie leads for the White Rock series (RaeCrossmon).

White Rock Extant

White Rock Foundations

As always if you would like for me to read and review your book or beta read for you, just send me an email at

Have an awesome day!