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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
I have 9 reviews ready but thought that it would be a bit much for the blog. So, you will be getting quite a few of these 3 reviews off of my kindle for the next few days.

Fringe Benefit by Christine Pope 


Katherine Wheeler knows the $167 plus change in her bank account isn't about to pay the rent, so she takes a gamble and answers an online ad for a job that sounds too good to be true. She figures she can always quit if it turns out to be more than she bargained for.

Alarm bells go off when she realizes her new boss is dangerously attractive, but Katherine figures she can handle the situation. Pieter Van Rijn appears to be a consummate professional. What could possibly go wrong?

After managing the lovestruck son of a movie producer, a threatened lawsuit, and even an earthquake, Katherine thinks she can handle just about anything—except wanting a man who doesn't seem to want her back…

A sweetly sensual romance.

Rating 5 out of 5

I loved this book. What would you do if your rent was due and your bank account was almost empty. Would you take a job with a larger than life paycheck but very few details? I am not sure I would but Kat sure would and does. It is one of those love and luck can come from anywhere books. I know, I have those rose colored glasses on again but sometimes I think love can overcome even the strangest of circumstances.

Lucky in Love by Karina Gioertz


Most days Lucky doesn’t mind being single. And why would she? Between her three male roommates, there’s always someone around to keep her company. But then as relationships evolve and change, Lucky soon finds herself being left behind.
When Lucky’s birthday rolls around and she finds herself being the only one without a date in a room full of people, she has to face the sad truth that the three men in her life all have women in their lives that aren’t her. Lucky finally asks herself how she wound up there. Has love been avoiding her…or has she been avoiding love?

Rating 5 out of 5

Lucky is the main character who wants to have her cake and eat it too, well in a sense it is that kind of story. The problem is that she doesn't realize that is what she wants until it is too late, but the guy does and well, he is a guy. I loved the storyline and even though I wanted more, I understood why all things must come to an end. The way the characters are portrayed in the books you often wonder though which boy is she going to pick.... I think part of her wants them all and I think all three of them wants part of her.

Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve by V.J. Chisholm


Alexia is a lively, single, sassy and sexy coven witch, somehow she finds herself and her sex life ( or lack of it) the hot topic of her fellow coven sisters after one of her covens full moon meetings. Add the mix the discovery of an old spell. Alexia's life starts to change very quickly from the moment that a spirit named Lance appears and comes into her life. Throw in the heat of the full moon and a hint of destiny, life will never be the same again for Alexia.

Rating 4 out of 5

This was short and not at all what I expected. I felt like I was reading an excerpt from a much longer book. I wanted to know more about both main characters and their backgrounds. They just didn't have enough depth and when the author tried to give them some, it actually felt like it was too late. For some this format can work but for me, it just didn't meet the mark. I will say that it was very hot and steamy and I love the bit of romance in it. So if we got the rest of the story, I could see myself curled up with a nice honey mead, devouring the book. 

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