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Sunday, April 14, 2013
I love bacon!

A cooked rasher. Raw bacon rashers are an esse...

 I especially love bacon that is unsweetened or uncured. I love love love salty bacon. I have a love for beef jerky too! 

Usually teriyaki flavor but I when I saw bacon jerky in the grocery story I was extremely excited. Salty and sweet bacon in a chewy jerky, Oh heck yeah I was all for it. 

I came home and sat down at my desk, not even waiting to put away the groceries before ripping the package open. I looked inside and saw the bacon and thought "this looks like microwave bacon". I was not happy, I hate microwave bacon. What I hate worse than microwave bacon is cold bacon that has grease congealed on it. Even worse then that apparently I hate bacon jerky. 

I was so disappointed. I had such high hopes that this jerky would be thick and chewy with the right amount of flavoring. You know smoky and salty with just a smidge of maple flavor dried into it. What I got was a bunch of gooey microwave bacon with no flavor dumped in a bag.  I could have bought microwave bacon for a dollar at the same store, but nope I bought a bag of it for almost five bucks. 

At least the dogs got a treat. I won't buy it again and I do not recommend it to anyone else. It is a huge giant rip off!