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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The world around us is filled with oceans of people screaming "hear me"!

I am no exception, I sometimes have to urge to shout out my opinions. 

It is that feeling deep inside that flutters and fills with excitement and the need to voice something loudly, even when you are not sure anyone is listening.

 I think about the things in my past and the lessons I have learned and I want to share them with others in hopes that they will not make the same mistakes I have.

 Sometimes I feel the need to bring out the bad things that happened to me and change my reactions, so that I can gain a different outcome. 

I know that is unrealistic. 

People die and events happen in our life that mold the way we are.

That become the basis or bones of what we are, how we live and what supports our personalities.

I see myself as that skeleton, and I take inventory on the things that hold me up.

The abuse I have endured in my life are my bones, for every bully that shoved me around, beat me up or called me names those are things that help me stand tall. 

The lost loves, heartbreaks, spoiled opportunities and let downs those are the muscles that curve around the bones that support my body. 

The loving words and kind things done for me and from me to others, those form my organs. 

My heart beats for every good deed I do or a kindness I show to someone else. 

My organs function in my body because of the smiles I have gained. 

My body has been created by the experiences that have molded me into the being that you see before you now. 

If I appear less than perfect or broken in your eyes, do not cast pity upon me.

I am stronger this way. 

I am a better person in this body. 

The evidence and the power that has shaped me is not only visible from the outside but from the inside as well

Take a moment of your day to get to know me on the inside too.

What you may see on the outside that causes you to pity me may change when you see the courage it takes me to be exactly who I am everyday. 

I am not the clone of the normal person that people expect their neighbors to be like, I am who I am, for what I am and I am proud to be me. 

I do not fit in a box that you check or a category or genre.
You should take a moment of you time and look at how you are built up.

Do your bones harbor more than one beating at the hands or words of someone else like mine do?

Do your muscles stink  of those heartbreaks or let downs that give you the muscle that helps you stand tall in the face of every day and maneuver through each adversity and triumph over it all? 

Look at your organs and ask yourself have I helped enough people to support the rest of my body?

Have I made myself more useful to others, more than their tax accountant or doctor? 

Have I listened when someone else needed to scream and have I been a shoulder to someone without expecting a return on my investment in their humanity?

Look at yourself and the way life has built your physical and emotional body and be proud of who you are and how you got here.

Every day I get asked, how I do it?

How do I get through each tragedy or moment of inequality in my life and I look at myself and simply say I take it one day at a time, but inside I am screaming.

I scream that I take each of those horrible things and cuddle it with love and affection for those around me and realize that what might be huge for me is small in comparison to others issues. 

It is how I am and I am proud to be me.