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Friday, November 16, 2012
I have decided that every Wednesday I will be blogging about the books that I have read. These will be books that I have either downloaded free off of Kindle or have been sent to me by authors.
So far I think my schedule for this blog will be as follows:
Mondays= special blogs for authors and their books.
Tuesdays= my own ramblings
Wednesdays= book recommendations
Thursdays= my own short story
Fridays = will be filler days. These days will be filled with authors or books not included on Mondays and Wednesdays blogs
The weekends are mine for whatever I feel like posting including if I feel like posting nothing at all.
If anyone would like to submit their books/author information to me. I will read and give honest reviews. I will rate these books honestly. You can send all submission to me at .
Thanks and happy reading and writing!