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Sunday, September 30, 2012
Oh the joys of having to save your files and then having the bottom drop out in a matter of mere seconds. Let me explain. So the other day I started to notice that I was getting a lot of errors on my computer, and some funky phantom web ad was playing audio on my computer at random times. 

 I did what any busy person would do, I ran a virus and spy ware scan on the computer and produced nothing. Then I told myself I was tired and would save everything the next day. I am sorry I procrastinated now. Yesterday morning, I sat down with my lovely jump drive and proceeded to save everything I could save to it. About ten minutes into this process, my desktop went black. I mean all my icons on the desktop just poofed into nonexistence.

 So I had already moved a bit to my jump drive and thought that this would be okay, because I had already sent off the book that I had just finished and I could re-edit the one that I was currently editing. I was not happy though, thirty pages is a lot to have to redo. So I think it is going to be okay and I get the blue screen of death. I wanted to vomit. I only hoped that the files I was saving of all the snippets of possible story ideas and notes and stuff from one folder would save. I am not that lucky.

 I proceeded to shut down and reformat the drive. I turn it back on and go through all the set up and normal stuff you have to do when you turn on your computer for the very first time. I finished and I grabbed the jump drive and plugged it back in and a few of the folders were there. I let out a sigh of relief. Then I opened them. They were all empty. None of my files had saved to the jump drive. I lost everything, all my photos, all my story idea's, all my review notes and all the editing I had done. They were all gone.

 Okay I will admit it, I cried. I just lost probably a couple of weeks worth of work. To some that might not be something to cry about. To me, I lost hours and hours of insomnia driven work, that I was going to have to reproduce. Which means extra hours away from my family, to redo all the work that is now missing. I am just so frustrated. I am going to invest in a back up drive that I can save all my writing in. I am also thinking of saving a hard copy of story ideas instead of relying on the computer. Maybe I could simply save them as a draft on here, or I could what I have done before and email everything to myself for safekeeping.

 My advice, ( from the somewhat computer illiterate) back your work up on something other than your computer. Crashes are a pain in the neck to recover from. Oh, and cry if you have to, if it happens to you. Some things just cannot be replaced or redone, like all those pictures of my terminally ill grand daughter that are now somewhere in computer crash oblivion.