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Friday, August 3, 2012
I had to put ferret on the back burner for a bit. I just was not feeling the story. I started somethingnew and well let me say that my opinions on some things have changed greatly. I used to be on of those people that said it was soooooo easy to write about the future on a different planet because all you had to do was make stuff up. ok I was so wrong because I am writing one now and it is the most difficult thing I have ever written. Sure I get to make up a bunch of stuff but then I have to remember all of it too. okay and one more thing I have to do math. who the heck said there would have to be math in the future should be shot. So now I am working on this one which is really exciting but totally scary for me as an old person trying to remember math, oh heck who am I kidding , I should say remember anything lol.

So that is my update on that front on other things. well the books will be out soon. I still have no release date but that will come. the cover for Mirror bound is done and I am working on the one for River. the editing for mirror is all done and in a few short days i should have the book back for river. I am worried about that one. it is longer and i did not write it as i did mirror so I imagine there will be a lot more mistakes.

hmmmm just noticed something. when I type the capital letters that I want are not all showing up as capital. oh and I guess I am missing puncuation too. hmmm may have to pre-write this before posting next time. TO tired to do it tonight. sigh night all