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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
So a couple of days ago I sent a request out to a publisher. I was sent there by a good friend that I have known literally for years. She knew I had been writing and thought that I could get editing done fairly economically through them. So I sent the request.

I got an email back asking for me to call and so I did. I was super nervous I think I even giggled. I never giggle.

We talked and I agreed to send in both of my books. I also sent in the picture that I wanted for the second book. I was really excited.

I got an answer two days later. She offered me a contract. woohooooo!!!!!

I filled out everything and sent it back last night. I even made the author photo that you see in the about the author section on here. I feel a little amazed and somewhat dazed and confused about this.

I think I will believe it when I have a copy in my hands or I can see it on Amazon. com.

I have been writing nonstop since this came through it was like, her saying she liked me opened some door in my brain and every story that I have put on the back shelf suddenly fell in complete disorder in the front of my brain.

I cannot sleep because they are all their trying to come through loud and clear. So I am writing them. I hope someone else has gone through this craziness, I would hate to be alone in this world of stories that are demanding to be let out of your brain.

For years I never shared anything about my stories. I kept them all hidden in journals and anonymous places on the web. Most of them I never even finished. I was afraid that someone would read them and think they were just awful.

I think when I decided to finish these last two I was ready. I had enough friends telling me to get them published that I finally finished not one but two and started actively looking into publishing. Now I am hoping that once they get published, the strangers that read them will love them as much as I do.

Any I have written a little novella on here with this post so I will venture off into my word system and try to finish some of the others and not bore you all with this stuff here.

may the sun shine on your day and the moon glow on your night.


Unknown said...

YA! Congrats, and KITTY LOVES THE BOOKS, she says she is REALLY excited to be able to have you on board and have the chance not only to edit but also publish!