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Saturday, July 14, 2012
Okay so basically, yesterday I ended up not getting much of anything written. Not because I was unable to due to mental blocks. Nope I was unable because every single time I sat down to write, someone came in needing me. As always I put my family first. But today the oldest and my grand daughter are off at a con all day, my youngest is off with friends and my middle child is where she always is when she is home, she is of course hibernating in her room.

My lovely husband however has been in and out of here all day and my youngest was in here for several hours doing homework. I am hoping that I can tell everyone now to leave me be and get some of Ferret's Story from my brain and onto this computer.

I am pretty sure I am writing to myself and that is okay, my hope is that one day someone else that is just starting out will read it and go, okay thank goodness I am not the only one.

Anyway I hope that everyone has a fun weekend. May the sun shine brightly on your day and the moon make your night glow.